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About this issue of "Rattle Up My Boys"

Summary: Series 22 Issue 1

Published: November 2014

Editor: Jeff Lawson

Featured in this issue:

  • SDU Longsword Tournament (p1-3)
  • SDU AGM (p3)
  • Spen Valley Longsword have an outing (p4)
  • Women in Longsword (p4)
  • Midwinter Dancing Dates (p5)
  • The Sword Dancing of Tradition (p6-8)
  • Teesdale Longsword Dancers Shine at Morris Fed. AGM (p8)
  • Eddie Cass – death of  (p9)
  • SDU Longsword Tournament 2015 (p9)
  • A keen eyed Gordon Ridgewell writes (p9):
    Corrections to RUMB 2121, 3 & 4 – Teesdale Mercury
  • A Hundred Years On  (p10-11):
    1st World War Dancers who didn’t return, Leyland Morris
  • Sword Dance Company Uberlingen (p12)
  • SDU Results (p12)



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