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Publications – Cotswold Morris


Download any PDF by clicking on its picture below.  These documents are issued under renewed license terms (which will be corrected in the originals as time permits).

thumbnail of Cotswold Morris Basics and Beginners(Cotswold) Morris Basics and Beginners

Morris Basics Workshop & Beginnners, by Roy Dommett, 1992.

Roy Dommet’s ideas on the basics of Cotswold Morris. 

Essential reading for leaders and foremen/dance teachers.

thumbnail of Cotswold Morris Dancing a Glossary of TermsCotswold Glossary

Cotswold Morris Dancing – a Glossary of Terms, 1984.

An invaluable reference book including definitions of steps and figures found in two or more traditions; a cross-reference to all Cotswold traditions and types; terms used by different authors for the same movements; Morris musicianship and much more.

thumbnail of Adderbury TraditionAdderbury

Adderbury Tradition – Cotswold Morris Dancing, Tim Radford, 1989.

This book contains the history of the tradition, copies of original notation from the Blunt manuscript and modern notation with easy-to-follow diagrams for 13 stick and 13 hanky dances. Includes photographs and music.

thumbnail of Hinton traditional and created Cotswold morris dancesHinton

Hinton – Traditional and Created Cotswold Morris Dances, researched by Sue Swift, 2001.

thumbnail of RaglanRaglan

Produced for The Morris Federation by Bantamcocks Morrismen, 1999.

Characteristics of the tradition, notation and some music.


thumbnail of Wheatley TraditionWheatley

Cotswold Morris Dancing – Wheatley Tradition, 1984.

Wheatley is a very pleasing tradition to dance and yet one of the most straightforward. This book was produced from a complete review of source material and includes current practice and innovation.

Last updated: May 2023

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