Who we are

DSC_0282 (2)The Morris Federation is an association of self-governing morris teams, which aims to:

a) encourage and promote morris and related activities, for anyone who wants to participate or to spectate

b) provide a channel of communication between member sides

c) encourage the improvement of standards of dancing and related activities among its members

d) encourage an environment for morris and related activities where all feel safe, welcomed and respected.

Any morris team which agrees with these aims is welcome to apply to join as a Group Member. Other clubs performing related activities may also be admitted, provided they, too, accept these aims. There is also an Individual category for anyone wishing to maintain a personal contact, whether or not they are part of a side.

Being a federation, much reliance is placed upon membership participation in order for it to function fully. Sides are invited to host events, and all members of The Morris Federation are encouraged to submit items for publication in the FedExtra newsletter and to help in the task of furnishing the library and archives with material.

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The Morris Federation is one of three organisations in the UK that supports morris and traditional dance teams. We come together as the Joint Morris Organisations (JMO).

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