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Join or renew

Whether you are looking to join as a new member or wanting to renew your membership with The Morris Federation, please follow the instructions in the following sections.

Alternatively, please contact our Treasurer using the Contact Us form (select dropdown for ‘Membership’).

How to join

If you want to apply to join The Morris Federation as a new member then please complete a new members application form. After submitting the form you will receive an email with details of our terms and how to pay your annual subscription. Membership will not be complete until the membership subscription has been paid.

How to renew

If you are an existing member of The Morris Federation and want to renew your membership you should follow the instructions in the renewal email that will be sent to the Contact Email address for your group.

All renewing subscriptions fall due on 25 January each year.

Your membership will not be complete and you will not receive your insurance documents until you have paid.

Membership details update

If you want to update your membership details then please go to the existing members page. You will need to login to your account in order to make any changes. If you do not have a login password, you can request one using the Contact Email address.

Side history update

If you are renewing an existing membership you may also want to fill in a side history update form.


There are 2 types of insurance – Public Liability Insurance (PLI), and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI).  See: Insurance

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