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Honorary Life Member – Sue Swift

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Sue Swift, past Technical Officer (1981 – 1990) – Honorary Life Member (1991)

Nomination by Val Parker at our AGM in 1991:

Sue Swift 1990 180x180It is not only Sue’s length of service which was unusual but the sheer intensity of it. She threw herself into the job heart and soul from the word go. Hers is a record of total commitment, with a level of activity which most of us could only wonder at.

She, probably more than anyone, brought to the Federation an air of professionalism and clear-sightedness. She didn’t baulk at approaching people outside the Federation, who most of us wouldn’t have dared hope would speak to us in those days, let alone take us seriously. Sue broke those bounds, building up an impressive range of contacts, and confidently convincing everyone that she knew what she was talking about.

Sue was able to motivate and organise others in a way that inspired co-operation rather than resentment, and she can point to a number of outstanding achievements as a result.

She kept everyone on their toes and Committee meetings are strangely quiet without her. I just hope that, in the absence of her dynamism and challenging style, we don’t all settle into a comfortable and complacent old age! One thing is certain, the Federation as a whole would be impoverished without her in its ranks, and that is another reason I have put forward this motion. As well as honouring her past efforts on our behalf, it should also serve to tie her to the Federation for the rest of
her life!

Sue Swift 1990 AGM Glasgow ceilidhSue Swift 1991 AGM Wolverhampton

Michael receives his certificate and badge at the JMO 20th birthday day of dance in London, October 2023.


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