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About this issue of "Rattle Up My Boys"

Summary: Series 11 Issue 3

Published: Autumn 2002

Editor: Trevor Stone

Featured in this issue:

  • Junior Longsword teams over the years (p1-3)
  • Report of Lange Wapper’s visit to Flamborough 2-4 August, 2002 (p3-5)
  • The Day of Dance (p5)
  • Sword Teams at Whitby (p5)
  • Flags and Banners (p6)
  • News – Orion Sword at Sidmouth (p8)
  • News – An end to White Star Sword (p8)
  • News – New ideas for the Dancing England Rapper Tournament (p8)
  • Stop Press (p8)
  • Another Sword Spectacular (p8)


This issue discusses the historical and ongoing efforts to train and organize junior Longsword teams. It highlights contributions from teachers and enthusiasts in developing these teams despite challenges such as students moving schools and the demanding school curriculum. Notable individuals and teams have kept the tradition alive through school programs and community events. The issue also covers various events and collaborations between local and international teams, emphasizing the cultural exchange and mutual support within the sword dancing community.

Featured sides

Goathland Plough Stots; Sleights Longsword; Fylingdales; Flamborough; Sexy Sqad; White Rose Longsword; Orion Sword; Southport Swords; White Star Sword; North British.

Featured events

Whitby Competitive Dance Festival; English Folk Dance & Song Society Royal Albert Hall Folk Festival; Longsword weekend at Malton; Kirkby Malzeard Golden Jubilee event; Lange Wapper’s visit to Flamborough; Sidmouth International Festival; Dancing England Rapper Tournament; Sword Spectacular.


#Editor: Trevor Stone
#Citation: Rattle Up My Boys (RUMB), 11(3),


#rattleupmyboys #rattleupmyboys_s11.3

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