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About this issue of "Rattle Up My Boys"

Summary: Series 15  Issue 3

Published: Autumn 2006

Editor: Andrew Kennedy

Featured in this issue:

  • Editorial (p2)
  • From Phil Heaton (p2):
    1815 Account of Sword Dance at Seaham
  • International Sword Spectacular – 2008 (p3):
    Details of forthcoming event
  • Evolution in Sword Dancing Today: The Claro Experience: Part 1 (p4-6)
  • From Ron Shuttleworth (p7):
    Account and Print from 7 January 1860 Illustrated News of the World of Mummers play and dancing


This issue features a revival after a hiatus, thanks to contributors like Ivor Allsop and Jeff Lawson. This issue includes articles on sword dancing traditions, specifically focusing on the evolution of practices, with detailed accounts from events like the International Sword Spectacular Festival in York. Insights into the history and adaptation of various sword dances, including the Bellerby Sword Dance, are explored. Additionally, there are notable mentions of seasonal events and historical customs in Northern England, highlighting the dynamic nature of traditional dance forms.

Featured sides

The featured sides in this issue include Grenoside Sword Dancers, De Michielen, North British Sword Dancers, Southport Swords, Bagnasco Bal Do Sabre, Boerke Naas, Komna, La Compagne Galouche, Dansgroep Nele, Uberlinger Schwerttanzkompanie, Zerutxu, Great Meadows, and Orion Sword Dancers.

Featured events

Notable events featured include the Grenoside Sword Dancers’ performance in Grenoside on December 26, 2006; De Michielen’s event in Tongeren, Belgium, on Easter Saturday, April 7, 2007; North British Sword Dancers in Derby on February 11, 2007; and Southport Swords’ Maypole dance on May 1, 2007, at sunrise. The International Sword Spectacular Festival will be held in York from May 23-26, 2008, with various international teams participating in tours, social dances, workshops, and a gala concert.


#Editor: Andrew Kennedy
#Citation: Rattle Up My Boys (RUMB), 15(3),


#rattleupmyboys #rattleupmyboys_s15.3

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