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About this issue of "Rattle Up My Boys"

Summary: Series 2 Issue 4

Published: Winter 1989

Editor: Trevor Stone

Featured in this issue:

  • Bal do Sabre, a sword dance from Italy (p1-3)
  • A  new look at the ‘Old Wife’ – music of Ampleforth Dance (p4)
  • Sword dancing at Leyland May Festival (p4)

Content Analysis


Here is an overview of the types of articles found in Rattle Up My Boys 2(4):

  • International Perspectives: Exploration of longsword dance traditions in different countries, including comparisons with English practices.
  • Detailed Dance Descriptions: In-depth descriptions of specific dances, including historical variations and modern interpretations.
  • Community News: Updates on the longsword dance community, including news about teams and upcoming events.


This issue highlights Longsword dance traditions, focusing on the Italian team from Bagnasco in the Piedmont district. It explores the history, costumes, and choreography of the Bagnasco dance, noting its unique features and the team’s participation in international events like the Half Lent dance event in Antwerp. The document also discusses the influence of traditional sword dances from neighboring regions, the role of local festivals in preserving these traditions, and the similarities and differences with English sword dances. Additionally, it covers a detailed examination of the tune “T’Auld Wife of Coverdill” and its historical context in Longsword dance music.

Featured sides

Spen Valley Longsword; Sullivan’s Sword; Phoenix Sword; Black Cap; Owd ‘Oss Mummers; Goathland Plough Stots; Sleights; Egton Bridge; Great Ayton; Aislaby; Whitby; Loftus; Boosbeck; Lingdale; Skelton; North Skelton; Greatham; Lange Wapper; Bagnasco; Fenestrelle; Vicoforte; Castelletto Sturo; Yorkshire Coast; Redcar and Guisborough.

Featured events

Half Lent dance event in Antwerp; International Folk Dance Festival in London (1935); Malton Longsword Weekend; Whitby Folk Week; Darlington Competitive Dance Festival; Redcar Folk Festival; Cleethorpes Folk and Beer Festivals; Warwick Folk Festival; Sidmouth Festival; Royal Albert Hall Festival of Britain (1951); Whitby Competitive Dance Festival; Local pub tours and weekends of dance; Fasank in Strani, Czechoslovakia; Sword Dance at Leyland May Festival; Bi-annual meeting of sword dance teams in Piedmont and Spring Carnivals in Bagnasco.


#Editor: Trevor Stone
#Citation: Rattle Up My Boys (RUMB), 2(4),


Last updated: 1 Jul 2024

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