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Meet Our Committee

See also our Past Committee members.

See also our Honorary Life Members and Friends of the Morris Federation.

Contact individual members of our committee using our contact form.

Elected Committee

We have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 Elected Officers on our Committee.  They are expected to be pro-active in their role.  They attend committee meetings (4 times a year) and make collective decisions about the running of the Morris Federation e.g. whether to awards Grants, what projects to support, etc.  They write an annual report for the AGM.


Pauline Woods-Wilson
(c) Dorset Morri’arty

Pauline Woods-Wilson
Contact for press and events enquiries


Andrew Knight by Dorset MorriArtyAndrew Knight
Contact for general enquiries and membership advice


Abigail Stephens
(c) Dorset Morri’arty

Abbi Stephens – Treasurer
Contact for membership applications and queries

Notation Officer

Jerry WestJerry West
Contact for dance notations

Membership Communications Officer

Eliza RussellEliza Russell
Contact for newsletter contributions, membership broadcast emails and news

Archive Officer

Mike EverettMike Everett – appointed for 1 year from 1st Jan 2024
Contact for archives and lending library

Archive Officer-elect

vacant_post_picPost Vacant.

See job description and how to apply at

Co-opted Committee

Any number of people may be co-opted onto the Committee.  They are expected to be proactive in their role which will generally have a specific focus.  They attend part of committee meetings to raise anything about their role, or requests for financing, etc., but are welcome to attend all of it.  They have no vote on any decisions made by the committee.  They write an annual report for the AGM.

JMO Secretary

Fee LockFee Lock
Co-opted as Joint Morris Organisations Secretary from 1st Jan 2022.  Past MF Secretary until 31st Dec 2021.  Contact for JMO matters.

IT Administrator

Dan WatfordDan Watford
Co-opted to run the IT Infrastructure. Contact

IT Advice and Support

Brian KellyBrian Kelly
Co-opted for Communications and IT resources for members.  Contact

Keeper of the Bells

Lin SteelLin Steel
Co-opted to keep and manage the stock of morris bells, badges and other merchandise.  Contact

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Roary NeatRoary Neat
Co-opted for EDI.  Contact

Luke WilliamsLuke Wiliams
Co-opted for EDI.  Contact


Jenny EverettJenny Everett
Co-opted for special projects.  Contact

Social Media

Lucy GraingerLucy Grainger
For social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, Threads, TikTok)  Contact


Co-opt for events management (including talks, workshops and days of dance, whether online or in-person)

Contact us to apply!

External Communications and Marketing

Co-opt for external communications, press and PR.

Contact us to apply!

Youth and Education Volunteers

These volunteers are working with our elected and co-opted committee to help deliver teaching, educational resources, and funding bids.

Barry GoodmanBarry Goodman
Past Primary School Headteacher and delivers folk education.
See more at: Barry Goodman – folk arts education

Esther Ferry-KenningtonEsther Ferry-Kennington
Helps drive funding bids and deliver folk arts events.
Esther is the Executive Producer for Encounter Festival in Preston.

Sally SmithSally Smith
Schools teacher, under 18’s rugby coach and delivers educational resources.
Freelance Multi-Camera Director and Operator: see Sally Smith on LinkedIn

Other Volunteers

These are people that the committee call upon from time to time, and provide us with valuable support, but at a lower level of commitment than the other roles.  Although they may be proactive at times, they are generally reactive to requests.


Alan CourtneyAlan Courtney
Official photographs (aka Dorset Morri’arty)


Jess Searle
(c) Dorsetbays

Jess Searle
Design and creative work

Press & PR

James MerrycloughJames Merryclough
Press liaison


Health and Safety Advisor

Sally WearingSally Wearing
Health & Safety advice for members.  Contact or tel: 07939 488971 or 0118 946 3125.

Other Key Contacts


Michael StimpsonMichael Stimpson
Insurance advice for JMO members.  Contact or tel: 01923 770425 (Mon-Thu 11:30-19:00, Fri 11:30-17:00)

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