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During the Covid-19 pandemic, when morris-dancing activities were curtailed, the Morris Federation organised a series of online talks and workshops which covered various aspects on the history of morris and other style of traditional dance together with sessions which focussed on best practices for sides.  In light of the popularity of the sessions we continued to run the Zoom events after the end of the lockdown. Many of the sessions, which were held on the Zoom software, were recorded and we have now made available many of the recordings.

Zoom events

Pages for Zoom events which contain videos as well as event details are given below (note not all video recordings are currently available).  The sessions are grouped as:

  • Research: primarily talks based on research into dance traditions or related areas
  • Dance: talks about specific dances
  • Fitness: fitness-related sessions
  • Performance: performances of song and dance
  • Demonstration: demonstrations of areas of relevance to the morris community
  • IT: talks on use of IT by the morris community

Yoga for Morris DancersCarla WilsonFitness2024-04-28
Teaching Morris and Maypole in Primary SchoolsBarry Goodman and Virginia CrewePractice2024-02-21
Using Digital for Recruitment and Marketing: No IT Expertise Needed! Brian KellyIT2023-12-10
Cecil Sharp and the Quest for Folk Song and Dance: a new biographyDavid SutcliffeResearch2023-11-26
More morris than you can shake a stick (or handkerchief) atMichael HeaneyResearch2023-04-02
Dalliance[s] with Dance … Clogs, Bells, Horns and Straw!Doc RoweResearch2023-03-26
The Ancient Festival of Abram, called the Morris DancePeter BearonResearch2023-03-25
Dancing with Giants, Hobby Horses and MorrisStephen RowleyResearch2023-03-05
Recruitment Ideas and ExperiencesVariousPractices2023-02-26
Exploiting IT for your Outreach and MarketingBrian KellyIT2023-02-26
Winter Sword Dancing: a black and white issue?Andrew KennedyResearch2023-01-29
Morris dances in Cumbria in the early twentieth centurySue AllanResearch2023-01-28
Carnivals, Contests and CoronationsRichard NelsonResearch2023-01-25
How Can IT Help Your Side?Brian KellyIT2023-01-15
Getting to the Top Of Google (and Other IT Issues)Brian KellyIT2022-04-03
Sticks, Hankies, Baldricks & Bells – Dances of CatalunyaStephen RowleyResearch2022-03-27
Custom and creativity: the chicken and egg of folk performance historiesPeter HarropResearch2022-04-04
Fieldtown Jigs – Ladies’ Pleasure & Nutting Girl Owain BoormanDance2022-01-30
Traditional TreasuresBarry GoodmanPerformance2022-01-22
Straw Bear – 40 Years of Straw & StringBrian KellResearch2021-12-12
Coconut Dancing – more than just a Lancashire traditionPeter BearonResearch2021-12-03
Morris Dolls in the Museum of British FolkloreSimon CostinTalk2021-12-11
Cotswold Morris Workshop – Ducklington Jig ‘Nutting Girl’Andrew Knight, Lin Steel and Tony WarrenDance2021-11-14
A History of MummingStephen RowleyResearch2021-11-14
Whitby Toesday Hornpipe – Clog Stepping WorkshopMelanie BarberDance2021-11-07
Considering Morris Dance Costumes as English National DressChloe Middleton-MetcalfeResearch2021-11-06
Morris Dancers and Rose Queens’ Volume 1: 1888-1900Johnny HaslettResearch2021-05-15
Who were the sword dancers and why did they do it?Andrew KennedyResearch2021-05-02
Return to Dancing Fitness (7 of 7)Rhys BoormanFitness2021-05-02
Adderbury Morris MenVariousResearch2021-04-25
Return to Dancing Fitness (6 of 7)Rhys BoormanFitness2021-04-25
‘The Celebration’ North West danceJohn EarnshawDance2021-04-24
Bacca PipesRachel Cole-WilkinDance2021-04-24
Return to Dancing Fitness (5 of 7)Rhys BoormanFitness2021-04-18
Return to Dancing Fitness (4 of 7)Rhys BoormanFitness2021-04-11
“Good Morning, Lords & Ladies” Calendar Customs in word & songGill & Barry GoodmanPerformance2021-04-11
‘Waiting for the Vaccine’ – Solo Border DanceLinda Glanville and Pauline Woods-WilsonDance2021-04-10
Return to Dancing Fitness (3 of 7)Rhys BoormanFitness2021-04-04
Merrie England Once More? The Morris Revival c.1886-1951Matt SimonsResearch2021-04-03
Cotswold Morris – 2 Ilmington JigsAndrew Knight, Lin Steel and Tony WarrenDance2021-03-28
Return to Dancing Fitness (2 of 7)Rhys BoormanFitness2021-03-28
Return to Dancing Fitness (1 of 7)Rhys BoormanFitness2021-03-21
Kirtlington Morris – History and DanceVariousDance2021-03-21
Pipe & Tabor for Beginners WorkshopAndy RichardsDemonstration2021-03-20
Morris Census 2020Jack WorthResearch2021-03-20
Clog Stepping for Intermediate (part 2)Melanie BarberDance2021-03-14
Clogs in Britain and BeyondMichael JacksonResearch2021-03-13
Clog Stepping for Intermediate (part 1)Melanie BarberDance2021-03-07
Sussex BonfiresKeith and Heather LeechResearch2021-03-07
Morris Music – A HistoryStephen Rowley and Andy RichardsResearch2021-03-06
Cotswold Morris – Bledington JigAndrew Knight, Lin Steel and Tony WarrenDance2021-02-28
Shrewsbury Morris on TwitterRay Langton and Graydon RadfordIT2021-02-21
North West ‘Lockdown’ danceHazel Old and Clare WattersDance2021-01-31
Bonnets so Blue, Bucknell Jig WorkshopAndrew Knight, Lin Steel and Tony WarrenDance2021-01-24
How to Make a BeastGeoff Roberts Demonstration2021-01-23
Goathland Plough Stots Long Sword TraditionKeith ThompsonResearch2021-01-10
The Nelson North West Processional Morris DanceMalkin MorrisDance2021-01-10
Clog Stepping for Beginners Georgia ShorrockDance2021-01-02
How to Make Rapper SwordsFrank LeeTalk2020-12-12
Cotswold Morris Beginners Workshop Ilmington (3 of 3)Andrew Knight, Lin Steel and Tony WarrenDance2020-12-06
Cotswold Morris Beginners Workshop Ilmington (2 of 3)Andrew Knight, Lin Steel and Tony WarrenDance2020-11-28
Cotswold Morris Beginners Workshop Ilmington (1 of 3)Andrew Knight, Lin Steel and Tony WarrenDance2020-11-21
Demonstration of ClogmakingSimon BrockDemonstration2020-11-21
Hastings Jack in the GreenKeith Leech & Fee LockResearch2020-11-08
Sailors’ Hornpipe – Isolation Instructional #4Martyn Harvey, musicians Jen Wilson and Frank LeeDemonstration2020-04
Celebration – North West Morris solo – Isolation Instructional #3John Earnshaw, musician Will PoundDemonstration2020-04
Bledington – Staines Morris – Cotswold Morris Jig – Isolation Instructional #2Jess Arrowsmith, musician: Richard ArrowsmithDemonstration2020-04
Fieldtown – Nutting Girl – Cotswold Morris Jig – Isolation Instructional #1Owain Boorman, musician Rimini Dick-CarrDemonstration2020-03

Last updated: 18 Apr 2024

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