Benefits of membership

  1. FedExtra – the magazine newsletter of The Morris Federation
  2. Events, workshops, talks, etc. hosted by The Morris Federation
  3. News about morris dancing and related activities (by email)
  4. Access to music and dance notation at a privileged rate
  5. Public Liability Insurance (Group members only)
  6. Personal Accident Insurance (optional)
  7. Advice & guidance including Health & Safety
  8. Sponsorship, grants, and bursaries
  9. Attend and vote at specified meetings, including the Annual General Meeting held in September

Membership types

You can apply for annual membership under the following classes:


For practising and performing morris sides and, at the discretion of the committee, clubs involved in related activities.


For individuals who wish to be a member, but who may not belong to an active group.

Associate (including Overseas)

For teams, clubs, or individuals who do not qualify for, or wish to have, public liability insurance, or who reside overseas.

Junior Group

For practising and performing morris sides where the majority of members are of compulsory education age.

GROUP/INDIVIDUAL/JUNIOR GROUP members resident in the UK are covered by The Morris Federation’s public liability indemnity policy from the date that their full subscription and registration form are received. In short, this means that members are automatically indemnified against any damages which they become liable, in law, to pay to a third party. (e.g. a member of the public, or a local authority) as a result of negligence being proved against them in court.

GROUP members resident in the UK may also join the optional group personal accident insurance scheme. For a small additional premium per head per annum, members can be covered for accidents occurring whilst performing, practising or travelling to or from an organised morris event within the UK. This insurance pays out a weekly benefit to anyone totally prevented from carrying out their usual occupation for more than four weeks. If anyone is actually killed, or loses the sight of an eye or loses a limb, a benefit is also payable. Overseas trips are not covered.

Further insurance details can be downloaded from our Join or Renew page.

Subscription costs

Annual membership subscription costs are currently:

  • Group (sides): £35
  • Individual: £22
  • Associate (incl Overseas): £22
  • Junior Group: £10

Further details about membership subscriptions can found on our Join or Renew page.

Sep 24
All day
Morris Federation Day of Dance and AGM 2022 (Darlington)
Dec 03
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Morris Federation EGM 2022 - to adopt a revised Constitution (Online via Zoom)
Apr 15
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Joint Morris Organisations' Day of Dance 2023 (Exeter)
Sep 30
All day
Morris Federation Day of Dance and AGM 2023 (Shropshire)

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