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About the IT Resources Section

The IT Resources area has been set up to support Morris Federation sides and the wider morris and traditional dance communities in making use of online and other IT services to support their marketing and promotion, communications, archiving and related activities.

This area, which contains advisory documents, case studies, surveys, and IT-related talks was launched at the Morris Federation AGM on 25 September 2021.


The following Advisory Documents are available:

1Governance of Online Systems2 Aug 2021
2Digital Preservation: Using the WayBack Machine2 Aug 2021
3Digital Preservation: Submitting Your Website to the UK Web Archive2 Aug 2021
4Setting Up a Google Business Profile2 Aug 2021
5Updating Your Morris Federation Teamfinder Profile3 Aug 2021
6Checking Key Links TO Your Website20 Aug 2021
7Editing Wikipedia Articles29 Sep 2021
8Creating a Wikipedia Article1 Oct 2021
9Publishing Images on Wikimedia Commons6 Oct 2021
10Publishing Videos on Wikimedia Commons 7 Oct 2021
11Zoom Beyond the Basics5 Nov 2021
12Finding Inappropriate Content on Your Website5 Nov 2021
13Using the Google Search Console21 Feb 2022
14Getting Details of Your Morris Side to the Top of Google14 Apr 2022

The following Case Studies are available:

0About the Case Studies17 Aug 2021
1Wyld Morris IT Developments2 Aug 2021
2Northgate Rapper on Facebook6 Sep 2021
3Adderbury Morris Men’s IT Developments7 Sep 2021
4Rampant Rooster Morris Dancers IT Developments24 Sep 2021
5Using Jamulus to Play With Other Musicians Over The Internet In Real Time7 Oct 2021
6Developments to the Ebor Morris Website29 Oct 2021
7Evolution of IT Services Used by OBJ Morris6 Feb 2022

The following Surveys are available:

0About the Surveys17 Aug 2021
Survey: Use of YouTube (2021)
Survey: Use of YouTube (2022)
17 Aug 2021
17 Mar 2022
Survey: Use of Twitter (2021)
Survey: Use of Twitter (2022)
18 Aug 2021
18 Mar 2022
Survey: Use of Instagram (2021)
Survey: Use of Instagram (2022)
18 Aug 2021
17 Mar 2022
Survey: Use of TikTok (2021)
Survey: User of TikTok (2022)
10 Sep 2021
18 Mar 2022
5Survey: Wikipedia Articles About Morris and Traditional Dance10 Sep 2021
6Survey: Searching Wikimedia Commons 19 Sep 2021
7Survey: Browsing Wikimedia Commons Categories6 Oct 2021
8Survey: Archive Copies of Morris Federation Team Websites6 Feb 2022
9Survey: Google Coverage of Morris Federation Team Websites4 Mar 2022
10Survey: Page Rank for Morris Federation Team Websites14 Mar 2022
11Survey: Use of Morris Team Hashtags to Support Discovery17 Apr 2022
12Survey: Morris Side Profiles on the First Page of Google Being reviewed

The following presentations of IT-related talks are available

1Creating a Google Business Profile2 Apr 2022
2Understanding the Morris Federation Online Community2 Apr 2022
3Link Building Strategies for the Morris Federation Community2 Apr 2022


We welcome feedback on the IT resources. We also welcome suggestions for other IT-related topics which could be included. You can either:

Who Can Use These Resources?

The resources are freely available for use by all; access is not restricted to members of the Morris Federation or, indeed, just to the morris community.

Note the resources are available at stable URLs, which means you can link to the documents and share the link addresses knowing that the links should remain stable.

Most of the resources are available under a Creative Commons attribution (CC-BY) licence which means that you can freely amend, copy and distribute the resources provided acknowledgments are given.

This section of the Morris Federation website is maintained by Brian Kelly, Communications and IT volunteer

Page last updated: 6 May 2022

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