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About this issue of "Rattle Up My Boys"

Summary: Series 18 Issue 1

Published: October 2009

Editor: Andrew Kennedy

Featured in this issue:

  • Sleights Sword Dancers Go Walkabout (p1-5)
  • The High Melton Dancers – some answers (p5-6)
  • Trevor and We Yanks (p6)
  • DART2010 – The Dancing America Rapper Tournament (p7):
    information about DART 2010 in Boston, Mass.
  • But Meanwhile in England (p7):
    Information about DERT 2010 in Derby
  • Out and About (p8)


This issue covers several engaging topics for sword dancing enthusiasts. It features an article on the Sleights Sword Dancers, recounting their history and various performances across local landmarks. Additional pieces include insights into the High Melton Dancers, tributes to Trevor Stone, and the announcement of the Dancing America Rapper Tournament (DART 2010). The magazine also highlights upcoming events such as the Derby DERT 2010, emphasizing the competitive and traditional aspects of sword dancing. Various teams are shown performing at different events, adding to the vibrancy of the publication.

Featured sides

Featured sides in this issue include the Sleights Sword Dancers, High Melton Dancers, Thames Valley Morris, New World Sword, Orion Longsword, Velocirapper, Slightly Green, Beside the Point, Scrambled Six, Candyrapper, Winster Morris Men, Winchester Morris Men, and Stevenage Swords.

Featured events

Events covered include the Whitby Folk Festival, Goathland day of dance, Lange Wapper Half-lent holiday in Antwerp, Sword Spectacular in Scarborough, Half Moon Ale in New York City, DART 2010 in Boston, and DERT 2010 in Derby. Locations highlighted in the Sleights Sword Dancers’ tour include Sleights, Brigswath, Aislaby, Newholm, Raithwaite Hall, Hart Inn, Sandsend, Mulgrave Castle, Lythe, Ugglebarnby, Sneaton, Wilson Arms, Stainsacre, Lower Hawsker, Thorpe school, Robin Hood’s Bay, Egton, Egton Bridge, Blue Bank, Littlebeck, Ruswarp, Whitby, and the Plough Inn.


#Editor: Andrew Kennedy
#Citation: Rattle Up My Boys (RUMB), 18(1),


#rattleupmyboys #rattleupmyboys_s18.1

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