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About this issue of "Rattle Up My Boys"

Summary: Series 13 Issue 1

Published: Spring 2004

Editor: Andrew Kennedy

Featured in this issue:

  • Winter News (p1):
    Flamborough and Lordsmere
  • The Goathland Plough Stots: Whitby Gazette 28/4/1922 (p2)
  • Some More Plough Stots Chronology (p3)
  • Fine Breastplate, Madam! (p4):
    Photo: Red Rose Rapper
  • Handsworth Sword Dancers (p4):
    116th anniversary and 40th anniversary of refounding
  • Bits and Pieces (p4):
    Biggar Seguisers; Painting in Vaughn Williams Memorial Library
  • Lent in Flanders (p4)
  • Some Yorkshire Curiosities (p5):
    Poem “the Longsword Dance”; photos Scarborough Boys Highschool: Royal Liberty
  • International Sword Spectacular Festival, Whitby, 28-31 May 2004 (p6)
  • 25th Whittlesea Straw Bear, 9-11 January 2004 (p7)
  • Grenoside Village Traipse (p7)
  • White Star Plough Tour (p8)
  • Claro Sword and Morris (p8)


#Editor: Andrew Kennedy
#Citation: Rattle Up My Boys (RUMB), 13(1),



#rattleupmyboys #rattleupmyboys_s13.1

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