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Publications – North West Morris

North West

Download any PDF by clicking on its picture below.  These documents are issued under renewed license terms (which will be corrected in the originals as time permits).

thumbnail of North West Morris DancingNorth West Morris

North West Morris Dancing – a Selection from Trefor Owen’s Collection, 1988.  [PDF – not searchable]

Contains notations, illustrated with figures and diagrams for ten North West Morris dances.

There is a copyright statement in this book prohibiting downloads unless permission is given in writing by the copyright owners.  The Morris Federation and Trefor Owen give this permission.

thumbnail of Abram Circle DanceAbram Circle

Abram Circle Dance, Chas Marshall et al, 1985.  [PDF – not searchable]

Provides background, complete notation, pictures and music for the Abram Circle dance. The dance originates from the North West but has a different structure from most North West dances.

thumbnail of Women and the North West Morris DanceWomen and the North West Morris Dance

Women and the North West Morris Dance: A Brief Sketch, by Chas Marshall, 1988.  [Searchable PDF]

Last updated: May 2024

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