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England's Dances - Folk Dancing Today and YesterdayDouglas KennedyG. Bell & Sons Ltd1949
The Sword Dances of Northern England Parts I and IICecil J SharpNovello & Co. Ltd.2nd1951
The Morris and Sword Dances of EnglandThe Morris Ring9th
The Lancashire Morris DanceMaud KarpelesNovello & Co. Ltd.
Cecil J SharpA H Fox StrangwaysOxford University Press1933
The Morris Book Pt IIICecil J Sharp and Herbert C MacIlwaineNovello & Co. Ltd.1st1910
The Morris Book Pt ICecil J Sharp and Herbert C MacIlwaineNovello & Co. Ltd.2nd1912
The Morris Book Pt IIICecil J Sharp and Herbert C MacIlwaineNovello & Co. Ltd.2nd1924
The Country Dance Book Pt ICecil J SharpNovello & Co. Ltd.2nd1934
The Country Dance Book Pt IVCecil J Sharp and George ButterworthNovello & Co. Ltd.3rd1927
Old English CustomsRoy ChristianDavid & Charles Ltd1972
Wedding Customs and FolkloreMargaret BakerRowman and Littlefield 1977
The North Skelton Sword-Dance and The Newbiggin Rapper Sword-DanceEFDSS1971
A Harvest of FestivalsMarian GreenLongman Group Ltd1980
Everyman’s Book of English Country SongsRoy PalmerJM Dent & Sons Ltd1979
London LavenderE V LucasMethuen & Co Ltd13th1919
Traditional Dance Volume Two Historical PerspectivesTheresa Buckland1983
The Morris Book Pt ICecil J Sharp and Herbert C MacIlwaineNovello & Co. Ltd.2nd1912
English Folk Song - some conclusions by C J SharpeMaud KarpelesE P Publishing4th1972
The Boosbeck Traditional Long Sword DanceLeta M DouglasEFDSS1975
8 Morris Dances of England and Flamborough Sword DanceNibs MatthewsEFDSS1975
Morris Dancing at DucklingtonKeith Chandler1984
English Ritual Drama: A geographical IndexE C Cawte, Alex Helm and N PeacockThe Folklore Society1967
The Abbey Girls AgainE J OxenhamCollins1951
The Abbey Girls in TownE J OxenhamCollins1968
Strangers at the AbbeyE J OxenhamCollins1954
The Abbey Girls Go back to SchoolE J OxenhamCollins1949
A Window on Folk DanceLucile ArmstrongSpringfield Books Ltd1985
Whittlesey Straw BearGeorge FramptonCambridge Libraries1984
Fieldtown Dances and JigsBert CleaverThe Morris Ring1985
Comes the Morris dancer in…Doc RoweThe Morris Ring1984
Sherborne Dances and JigBert CleaverThe Morris Ring1983
A nest of singing birdsLavender Jones1978
The Roots of Welsh Border MorrisDave Jones1988
The Morris and Sword Dances of EnglandArthur Peck1978
Discovering English Folk DanceHugh RipponShire Publications1981
The Gloucestershire Old Spot Morris Dancers
Bedlam Morris by Michael HealeyMichael HealeyChandler Publications1985
ClogmakersDuncan BroomheadEFDSS1983
The Morris Book Pt I-IIISharp and MacIlwaineE P Publishing1974
The Morris Book Pt IV-VSharp and MacIlwaineE P Publishing1974
A Handbook of Morris DancesLionel BaconThe Morris Ring1974
Maurice by Stops and Vyvyan-JonesStops and Vyvan-JonesSpindlewood1988
The Sword dances of Northern EnglandC J SharpEFDSS1985
OrchesographyThoinot ArbeauDover Publications N.Y.1967
The Esperance Morris Book Pt IMary NealCurwen1910
The Esperance Morris Book Pt I (photocopy).Mary NealCurwen1910
The Esperance Morris Book Pt II (photocopy).Mary NealCurwen1912
Old Devonshire Dances ed: Mildred BluntMildred BluntCurwen1908
Shakespearian Bidford Morris DancesJohn GrahamCurwen
Sixty years of FolkEFDSS1971
Rattle up, my boysTrevor StoneTrevor Stone1980
Mally's North West Morris BookCarolyn WadeDave Mallinson Music1988
Grovely, grovely, grovely and all grovelyGeorge Frampton1988
Maypole DancesW ShawCurwen1954
Morris and MatachinJohn ForrestEFDSS/CECTAL
The Next That Comes In is . EFDSS
Russell WortleyCambridge Morris Men1983
Ring of Bells - A colouring book of Morris Dancing Pruw BoswellThe Morris Ring
The dancing tradition of Headcorn Morris Men Sept 83 - May '85Ian Graham
Roy Dommett's Morris Notes Vol 1 Pt 1 Cotswold or Wychwood MorrisRoy DommettCDSS1986
Roy Dommett's Morris Notes Vol 2 North-West MorrisRoy DommettCDSS1986
Roy Dommett's Morris Notes Vol 3 Garland DancesRoy DommettCDSS1986
Roy Dommett's Morris Notes Vol 4 Sword DancesRoy DommettCDSS1986
Roy Dommett's Morris Notes Vol 5 Other MorrisRoy DommettCDSS1986
The Yorkshire MorrisPaul DavenportThe Morris Ring Archives
Women's Morris Federation - Glossary CotswoldWMF1981
Cotswold Morris Dancing - A Glossary of TermsMF1984
Cotswold Morris Dancing - Wheatley TraditionMF1984
Abram Circle DanceMF1985
North West Morris Dancing - a selection from Trefor Owen's CollectionMF1988
Adderbury Tradition - Cotswold Morris DancingMF1989
Christmas Rhymes and Mummers in Ireland (photocopy).Alan Gailey
Introducing the Folk Plays of EnglandRon Shuttleworth
So you want to start MummingRon Shuttleworth
The Ladies Mumming PlayJohn Boyal Hyland
Dublin City Morris Dancers - Mummers Play1987
Cheshire Folk Plays Alex Helm
Bradshaw MummersBradsahw Mummers1988
We're Jolly BoysJohn Boyal Hyland
Ten years on 1975 - 1985.MF
Fiddlers Fancy Morris Dancers.
Women and the NW Morris, a brief sketchChas Marshall
Morris Dancing at Spelsbury, an analytical essayKeith Chandler
An index to Cecil J Sharp, The Morris Book 5 vol 1911-1924E C Cawte
An Introductory Bibliography on Morris DancingMike Heaney
Ancient Customs of Derbyshire.
The Abbey Girls at HomeE J Oxenham
Morris Jigs from: Bledington, Headington, Longborough and BucknellBert CleaverThe Morris Ring1986
Morris Dancing on the Lancs. Plain - The Horwich InquiryDavid BoswellThe Morris Ring1984
Six Fools & a DancerAnthony G BarrandNorth Harmony Publishing Co., Plainfield VT1991
Grovely, Grovely & All Grovely! George Frampton
Discovering English Folk DanceHugh RipponShire Publications
Index to C J Sharp Morris Books 1-5E C CawteCECTAL1983
Nest of Singing Birds Lavender JonesLavender JonesChegar Press1978
May Day and its CustomsL M C BabbHereford & Worcs Co. Museum1980
Welsh Morris & Other Country DancesL Blake/DS Gwyn Williams1938
The Folklore of HerefordshireElla Mary LeetherSidgwick & Jackson1912
White Boar Morris Foreman's Book
World of English Folk DanceNigel Allenby Jaffe
Ribbons Bells & Squeaking FiddlesKeith ChandlerFolklore Society1993
MF Info Series 1 Women and the North West Morris Dance.MF
MF Info Series 2 Warm-ups.MF
MF Info Series 3 Publicity Tips+E1145.MF
Morris Dancing in the English S Midlands 1660-1990Keith Chandler
MF Info Series, Morris Basics Workshop & BeginnersRoy DommettMF1993
Zen & the Art of Being a Display Dance MusoPaul Hirst1993
"We'll call once more unto your house…Doc Rowe1982
Don't Blame Me, I'm only the Triangle PlayerRob ElliotSq. One Pub.1991
"Fit to Jump Over the Moon..." Rapper Sword Dance of Northumberland & DurhamWallace, G., ed. Wilson, EdnieGateshead HBC1986
British Folk SceneN MackinsonOUP1993
Pace-Egging in Bury & BeyondAlan J Seymour
Discovering English Folk DanceHugh Ripponc.1993
Morris Book 1-3Sharp and MacIlwaine2nd
Morris Book 4-5Sharp and MacIlwaine2nd
Strangers at the AbbeyElsie J Oxenham
Robins in the AbbeyElsie J Oxenham
Off with his HeadNgaio MarshCompanion Book Club
Sword Dances of Northern England Pt 1C J Sharp1st
Sword Dances of Northern England Pt 2C J Sharp1st ?
Sword Dances of Northern England Pt 3C J Sharp1st ?
Sword Dance Tunes Book 1C J Sharp1st ?
Sword Dance Tunes Book 2C J Sharp1st ?
Sword Dance Tunes Book 3C J Sharp1st ?
Anthropology of DanceAnya Peterson Royce1977
The DanceSharp & Oppe
Rinkaghyn Vannin (Dances of Mann)Mona Douglas
Clog Dancing Made EasyHenty Tucker
West Country Friendly SocietiesMargaret Fuller
Custom & MythAndrew Land
Traditional DanceViolet Alford & Rodney Gallop
Concerning ClogsBob Dobson
Reaper ManTerry Pratchet
Lords & LadiesTerry Pratchet
Discworld CompanionTerry Pratchet
Rhymes Around the Year Marc Vyvyan-JonesBarefoot1995
Relationship between music & dance in Cotswold Morris Performance Janine ElliottUCLA1993
Windsor Morris - the history so farBeth Neill1995
MF Information Series: Border Morris - a brief outlineA AndersonMF1995
So you want to start mummingRon ShuttleworthThe Morris Ring
Introducing the Folk Plays of EnglandRon ShuttleworthThe Morris Ring
Constructing a hobby animalRon ShuttleworthThe Morris Ring
The Roots of Welsh Border MorrisDave JonesAnnie Jones1995
Rites & RiotsBob PeggBlandford Press
Dead Mens MorrisGladys Mitchell M. Joseph Classic Collection1986
Abbey Girls Go back to SchoolElsie J OxenhamCollins
Abbey Girls Play UpElsie J OxenhamCollins
Myth & Ritual & Dance Game & RhymeLewis SpenceWatts & Co1947
Social Dance: A Short HistoryA H FranksRoutledge & Kegan Paul1963
Longsword DancesIvor AllsopBook Press1996
The Abbey Girls Win ThroughElsie J Oxenham
Schoolgirl Ven at the AbbeyElsie J Oxenham
SarataTerry Pratchet
Necessary to Keep Up the DayGeorge Frampton
Vagrants, Rogues & VagabondsGeorge Frampton
Pity the Poor PloughboyGeorge Frampton
Molly Dancing & the Seven ChampionsElaine Bradtke
Stations of the SunR Hutton
Dancing Round the MaypoleDiana JewittEFDSS1999
Rushcarts in SaddleworthPete Ashworth1996
Customs & Traditions in BritainThe Pitkin Guide20000-85372-992-1
Eight Days WonderThe ScribeThe Larks Press20000-948400-95-1
Dance in the Field. Theory, Methods and Issues in Dance EthnographyTheresa Buckland19990-333-71913-1
"A nest of singing birds". The life and work of Ella Mary Leather of WeobleyLavender Jones
A Dictionary of English FolkloreJacqueline Simpson & Steve RoudOxford University Press20000-19-210019-X
Sword Dancing in Europe: A historyStephen D CorrsinHisarlik Pres19971-874312-25-7
Lancashire BondsAlan & Les BondsLandy Publishing19991-87289-548-4
Wrigley's Writings. Songs and MonologuesBernard WrigleyLandy Publishing19991-87289-549-2
The Jack-in-the-GreenRoy JudgeFLS Books20000-903515-20-2
Kemps nine daies wonder. Performed in a daunce from London to Norwich in the year 1660Will KempLarks Press19970-948400-53-6
The History of Morris Dancing 1458-1750John ForrestJames Clark & Co Ltd, Cambridge19990-227-67944
Hinton Traditional and created Cotswold Morris dancesSue SwiftThe Morris Federation20010 948383 127
Blind to the BonesStephen BoothHarper Collins2003
Step Change. New Views on Traditional Dance [signed copy]Georgina BoyesFrancis Boutle1 903427 09 6
Bampton FolkloreJohn BlairMerton Ivory Press20011 898937 50 8
The English Mumming Play, An introductory bibliographyEddie Cass, Michael J Preston, Paul SmithFLS Books20000 903515 21 9
Discovering English Customs and TraditionsMargaret GascoigneShire Publications20020 7478-0377-3
Folklore and Customs of Rural EnglandMargaret BakerDavid & Charles Ltd19750 7153 6579 7
History and the Morris DanceJohn CuttingDance Books Ltd.19621 85273 108 7
The Abbots Bromley Horn DanceRev. A.R. Ladell, M.A.Wilding & Son Ltd., Shrewsbury1968
Traditional Step-Dancing in ScotlandJF and TM FlettScottish Cultural Press19961 898218 45 5
Animals and the Orgins of DanceSteven LonsdaleThames & Hudson1981
Traditional Dancing in ScotlandJF & TM FlettRoutladge and Kegan Paul1964
Russell WortleyCambridge Morris MenThe Hive Printers1980
The Sword Dances of Northern England Song and Dance Airs books I, II and III bound volume
The DanceCecil J Sharp and A P Oppe1924
Morris Dancers & Rose QueensJ HaslettFairhaven Press2005
The Story of the Flamborough Longsword DanceRichard Traves & Trevor Stone2003
Lower Swell Morris TraditionMorris Ring Archives
Country Dancing (photocopy)T. Wilson1808
More Honoured in the Breach than the Observance (Molly Dancing in Cambridgeshire) (photocopy)George Frampton1999
Rushbearing (reprint of 1891 book)Alfred Burton1996
… for a bit of sport'…Richard HumphriesR & K Humphries, Linton, Cambs.19860 948927 00 3
Traditional Dance volume oneTheresa BucklandCrewe & Alsager College of HE1982
Morris Dancing in Abingdon to 1914Jonathan LeachChandler Publications, Eynsham19870 947801 13 8
The Cornish Obby Oss (reprint of 1912 book)Thurstan PeterOakmagic Publications, Penzance19971 901163 25 3
They throw away discord…Adderbury Morris Men1984
Polka Round - The Cambridgeshire Feast Dances and the Comberton Broom DanceCyril PapworthCyril Papworth, Wendy Crouch & William Palmer1984
The Early Plays of Robin HoodDavid WilesRowman & Littlefield, Towata, N.J.19810 85991 082 2
Garlands from Brasstown - a collection of contemporary Garland DancesKathy Wright1989
Whitsun in 19th Century OxfordshireAlun HowkinsRoutledge & Kegan Paul1973
The Abbots Bromley Horn DanceE.R. ShipmanThe Benhill Press, Rugeley1982
Winster Morris DancersWinster Morris Dancers1979
The Sailors' HornpipeStage Dance CouncilThe Dancing Times, Ltd.1st1961
Morris Dancing at Bampton until 1914Keith ChandlerKeith Chandler1983
Handsworth Traditional Sword DancersGeoff LesterHandsworth Traditional Sword Dancers2nd1979
Ritual Animal DisguiseE.C. CawteFolklore Society19780 85991 028 8
Cecil Sharp - his life and workMaud KarpelesRoutledge & Kegan Paul1967
The Hobby Horse and othe Animal MasksViolet Alford The Merlin Press, London1978850361605
The History of Knutsford Royal May DayJoan Leach
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