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Archive and library – borrow or donate

Maids of Barum 1976 - photo courtesy of Sally WearingThe Morris Federation maintains an archive and a library and is always interested in receiving more items from our members.

The archive contains a lot of paperwork from the history of the Women’s Morris Federation and The Morris Federation, such as agendas, committee meeting minutes, AGM details, correspondence and side histories. There is also a photographic archive and the archives of a few dance sides have been donated when they folded.

If you require further information or have something that you may wish to donate, please Contact our Archive Officer: Contact Us

Archive items available to download:


The Library consists of more than 200 books and leaflets. Items are available on free loan to any member of The Morris Federation. Members are asked to pay for postage, see below, and for the cost of returning items.

Library items available to borrow:

Other morris-related archives you may be interested in:

Use of the Archive and Library

  • Use of The Morris Federation Archive and Library is available to both members and non-members.
  • Of all the material held by the Federation, a certain amount has been drafted into a format suitable for issuing to enquirers on request. This is referred to as the Library and the Archive Officer can usually advise about what items are available.
  • The remainder constitutes the Archive, made up of material waiting to be drafted for issue to the Library, material not intended for general circulation but which is open for perusal, and material confidentially lodged for posterity.
  • Most items concerned with dance notation are kept by the Notation Officer, to whom enquiries should be addressed.

Charges for use of the Archive and Library




Basic charge per enquiry



Each duplicated sheet



Postage and packing

All payable

Payable, if over £3.10

Deposit on returnable items, e.g. books

Not allowed


  • An invoice for the total amount due is sent with any items requested.
  • A deposit on items like books must be paid in advance (cheque payable to “The Morris Federation”) or ask for BACS details.
  • Any item considered to be too rare or fragile may not be borrowed from the Archive.
  • Anyone wishing to search the Library/Archive personally should contact the Archive Officer in advance to make arrangements. See Contact Us

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