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Simple searching of the table of contents and the full contents of the PDF for many issues of Morris Matters is available.

The service may be useful for a number of types of users.  For example members of the morris community who are looking for:

  • Sides they used to dance with, such as “Black Cap
    [1 PDF file found for Morris Matters, 25(2)]
  • Information about a current sides such as “Windsor Morris
    [1 summary page and 60 hits from PDF files found]
    and “Abram Morris Dance
    [2 summary pages and 6 hits from PDF files found]
  • Articles about topics which may still be relevant such as recruitment
    [7 summary pages and 23 hits from PDF files found]
    and standards
    [4 summary pages and 61 hits from PDF files found]
  • Specific dance-related topic such as Notation
    [4 summary pages and 57 hits from PDF files found]

Other groups who may find this searchable archive of interest include:

  • Local historians and researchers e.g. search for research
    [5 summary page and 64 hits from PDF files found]
    and historians
    [1 summary page and 25 hits from PDF files found]
  • Academic departments looking for projects for students


The search service is still being developed.  We are aware of the following limitations:

  • Not all pages have been indexed – we are checking to see which pages are missing and will then submit the pages for indexing. Note it can take time for PDF files to be indexed.
  • Many of the PDFs for not have a title or description. It is unlikely we will be able to add missing metadata in the near future.
  • The PDF files do not have a meaningful URL – the URL is based on the date the file was uploaded.

However in order to check how well the detection of text from early magazines is try a search for “Women just aren’t built Morris dancing” – you should find the caption from a cartoon published in the first issue in 1978!


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