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About this issue of "Rattle Up My Boys"

Summary: Series 4 Issue 1

Published: Winter 1993

Editor: Trevor Stone

Featured in this issue:

  • An introduction to longsword dancing – John Ledbury – Thesis part 1 (p1-8)

Content Analysis


This issue provides an in-depth look at the Goathland Plough Stots and their Longsword dancing tradition, tracing the history from the 1923 revival to present times. It discusses significant events, influential figures, costume evolution, and the impact of social changes on the dance. The document also covers various performances, including Plough Monday tours and participation in local and international festivals. Emphasis is placed on community involvement, the role of local festivals, and the challenges and adaptations faced by the team over the decades, highlighting the tradition’s resilience and cultural significance.

Featured sides

Ashvale Longsword; Beaver Sword; Black Cap Sword; Broadwood Morris; Carlisle Sword; Claro Sword; Com Dollies; Coventry Morris; Eagle Yard Sword; East Saxon Sword; Ebor Morris; Flamborough Sword; Frithwoods; Furness Morris; Goathland Plough Stots; Green Ginger Morris; Grenoside; Handsworth Sword; Highside Sword; Kirkburton Rapier; Lilford Sword; Loftus Sword; Lord Conyers Morris; Malton Longsword; Phoenix Sword; Redcar Sword; Sallyport Sword; Shetland team; Southport Swords; Spen Valley Longsword; Stevenage Sword; Sullivan’s Sword; Waterside Longsword; West Somerset Morris; White Lion Longsword; Whitby Boys.

Featured events

Royal Albert Hall performance; Pilgrimage to Fatima; Mid-Lent Sword Dance performances in Antwerp; Half Moon Sword Ale in New York; Whitby Folk Week; Darlington Competitive Dance Festival; Redcar Folk Festival; Cleethorpes Folk and Beer Festivals; Warwick Folk Festival; Sidmouth Festival; Local pub tours and weekends of dance; Fasank in Strani, Czechoslovakia; Leyland May Festival; Boxing Day/New Year dance displays; Workshops and inspections by the English Folk Dance & Song Society.


#Editor: Trevor Stone
#Citation: Rattle Up My Boys (RUMB), 4(1),


Last updated: 1 Jul 2024

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