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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 11 Issue 1

Editor: Beth Neill

Published: 1992

Table of contents

  • The Abram Morris dance (part 2)
  • Thoughts on Morris Jigs
  • Humour in the Morris (part 2)
  • Morris dancing and Ballet
  • Creating new dances
  • Incomplete set; dances for threes
  • No such thing as clog Morris


#Editor: Beth Neill
#Citation: Morris Matters, 11(1),



Welcome to volume 11 and 1992. A couple of items you may be interested in. The EFDSS commissioned a report on the future of the society in the ’90s; it was released in August 1991. Contact Brenda Goodrich at the Society for details. Also published in 1991 were Cecil Sharp’s Morris books, all five in one volume, plus an index!

I’ve been asked to publicise the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library lectures at Cecil Sharp House on Friday evenings at 7.30 (admission free) as follows:
24/1/92 The Ploughboy and the Plough play, by Alun Howkins
14/2/92 Michael Coleman, the legendary Irish Fiddler, by Henry Bradshaw
13/3/92 Social systems of traditional music making (Irish music in the 1950’s), by Reg Hall
10/4/92 Darwinism and the Clog dance team, by Chris Metherell

Changing topics slightly, as a morris side treasurer, I’ve had problems recently with the bank deciding, after all these years, to charge commission on our account. How do other teams manage their relatively low-budget finances? Thinking ahead, as I must, copy date for the next issue is the end of April 1992. Enjoy the dancing season!



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