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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 28 Issue 2

Published: July 2009

Table of contents

  • New tunes for the Morris – part 3 by Barry Goodman
  • “A life changing moment for a former rugby player” by Tony Barrand (with an anecdote by Rhett Krause)
  • Bert Lloyd Centenary Event Announced
  • A Penny for the Plough boys, Only Once a Year by George Frampton
  • Pub Morris
  • ‘Mary Neal Day’ at Cecil Sharp House, 7th February 2009 by Shirley Dixon
  • Finding Vida By Rhett Krause
  • The Mayor of Ock Street by Jerry West
  • Where The Pavement Ends – Moulton Morris Men
  • CD review by Malcolm Major
  • Rosie Turner-Bisset (1950 – 2009) obituary by Bev & Richard Ashe


This is summer. The weather has varied from wintry to moderate heatwave. In the news I have read reports of my local MP “having a go” at morris dancing with sticks, of a Plymouth artist who realised that almost no-one ever actually paints morris dancers and is hoping to remedy that with lifesize portraits – and own up, who was the 36-year old Bradford man who wrote on the “Secrets” Times blackboard, “I’m a Morris Dancer”?

But it’s been a good year for events. I have a report of the Plough Monday celebrations in Ramsey in January from George Frampton. I was fortunate enough to attend the Mary Neal day at Cecil Sharp House in February where the climax was the handing over of the Mary Neal papers by Lucy Neal to the care of Vaughan Williams Memorial Library. Among the speakers was Rhett Krause who was explaining the link he had established with the daughter of Mary Neal’s protegee, Florrie Warren. I am able to reprint the substance of his talk here. Shirley Dixon also provides an overview of the whole day.

While the Joint Morris Organisations day of dance was taking place in (cold, windy and a bit rainy) Nottingham in March, over in the US the morris community was celebrating the many achievements of Tony Barrand and with their help I have been able to capture some of them here. In June , Jerry West attended the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers day of dance with the Oak Street mayor election and gives a dancer’s eye view of the proceedings. Among other articles we also have Barry Goodman’s final article about morris tunes. So read on … 




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