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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 33 Issue 2

Published: July 2014

Table of contents

  • Malcolm Taylor – Librarian Extraordinaire, press release 
  • Pub Morris – Mirror Image by Andy Hilditch 
  • ‘Dancing Englishness: Issues of Identity, History and the Popular’ by Chloe Metcalfe 
  • Morris Myths by Roy Dommett 
  • Morris and Rushcart on stage: ‘An August Bank Holiday Lark’ by Shirley Dixon 
  • Not another workshop? advert 
  • Female Influences on Morris Dance in Adderbury by Tim Radford 
  • Weather Warnings – by Laurence Heath 
  • Postcard Archive – Hidden Treasures! by Andy Turner 
  • DERT 2014 – A Spectator Sport by Sally Wearing 
  • Two Hammermith Dance Notations by John Offord 
  • My Involvement with Abingdon Morris by Roy Dommett 
  • Why Dance? – Oxytocin by Roy Dommett 
  • The Archives of the Mind by Long Lankin


Not long to Sidmouth Folk Festival – celebrating 60 years since its inception – I am really looking forward to going there and seeing some of the teams and bands I saw when I first went in the ‘70s! How things have changed: those were the days before the John Gasson Jig Competition, which has inspired so many interesting jigs and introduced many of us to some wonderful dancers! This issue is partly a ‘nostalgic’ one, looking back to those early days in reflecting on morris at Abingdon and Adderbury – and even earlier with some of the archive pictures that Andy Turner is making available. But plenty of looking forward – Sally Wearing shows that DERT, like the Jig competition, moves ever onward and the indefatigable Roy Dommett has some thoughts about how we find some challenges in our and others’ perceptions of dance. I’m also looking forward to seeing the results of the Morris Census being coordinated for the 3 morris organizations by Jack Worth – will the cited figure of 15,000 morris dancers (Sunday Times 18 May 2014) be confirmed?


#Editor: Beth Neill
#Citation: Morris Matters, 33(1),




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