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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 18 Issue 2

Published: July 1999

Table of contents

  • Jig teams – the way forward?  a profile of some teams in the UK 
  • Sharp, Sounds and Shows a look ahead by Sue Swift
  • Reviews and news
    • 1999/2000 folk directory
    • Absolutely Classic
    • Dancing in the Millennium
    • Hands on Music
  • Memories of Kimber  by Simon Pipe
  • Letters


No apologies for the theme running through this issue – all to do with some chap spotting morris dancers a hundred years ago and bothering to make notes. There are several aspects linked either directly to the Cecil Sharp – William Kimber meeting or about responses to the way morris is heading.

Looking to the future – how are we going to capture the morris that is going on now and in the next few decades ? Who is out there collecting it? Roy Dommett and Keith Chandler in particular have been very active in collecting morris history, notating and filming dances – their efforts have been wonderful but who is coming on to replace them?

What sort of repertoire should teams be looking for? Are the jig teams right in looking especially at the perfomance side of the dance to attract – and hold – the attention of the potential audience when there are so many competing calls on their eyes and ears (and money!) – even if it’s only the special offer at the supermarket that you are dancing outside.

Please respond to the ideas expressed by our writers – or let us know what you’re doing.




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