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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 34 Issue 1

Published: January 2015

Table of contents

  • Discovering a New Reference to Morris Dancing in Berkshire, by Jameson Wooders
  • The Earliest Recorded Ritual Dance in England? by Jonathan Hooton 
  • The Bo Diddlers present: STUMP! by Jill Griffiths 
  • I Wish I Had Looked After My Feet!! by Tim Radford 
  • Music and the Morris by Roy Dommett 
  • Len Bardwell – an autobiographical note 
  • Dr Lankin’s Problem Page 
  • The Pinewoods Morris Men in England by Martin (Shag) Graetz 
  • Dommett Dance Weekend by Dave Crease 
  • An Ignored Influence by Roy Dommett 
  • The Morris Sighed by Andy Hilditch 


More anniversaries coming up – Pinewoods came over from America to celebrate 50 years, the Morris Federation will be celebrating 40 years in September this year and my own team, Windsor Morris, like several others, will be holding events to mark their 40th year of dancing. I wonder how many of those teams saw that landmark arriving? It doesn’t seem so long since I was collating the Morris Federation booklet “21 Years On”! I know one of the questions in the Morris Census conducted by Jack Worth last year across all three morris organisations was about whether teams saw themselves as still being around in a few years time: his findings will be published by the morris organisations- interesting reading!

Shortly after the last issue came out we were sorry to hear of the death of Eddie Cass, an authority on the traditional Pace Egg plays and other Lancashire customs and a leading light in the Folklore Society and the Society for Folk Life Studies.




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