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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 20 Issue 2

Published: July 2001

Table of contents

  • Editorial
  • Roy Dommett – the authorised autobiography (1)
  • Beyond the Black Book with Berkshire Bedlam (2)
  • Transatlantic Swords
  • What’s new – Sidmouth 2001
  • Useful sources (2)
  • Dommett’s Delights
  • Noticeboard


As I write this we are enjoying summer at last … .in this issue you can read about some of the events to look forward to and some of those you may have missed. I attended one festival where the procession was so long we had time after doing our bit to go back to the start … . and watch the teams who hadn’t even set off on their romp round the town. It left me wondering who or what are processions really for; the audience, the organisers, the teams? You often don’t get to see the teams dance normally because of all the stopping and starting. Some teams have it down to a fine art; they may come from somewhere where the processional dance is part and parcel of the repertoire , or at the other extreme they just walk and use it as a photo opportunity’ What do you feel about processions – do you groan if you hear the event includes a procession or look forward to it? Is it the audience rather than the performers who get “procession fatigue”?

At long last I have created an index of sorts for Morris Matters. If anyone would like a copy, it is as an EXCEL spreadsheet so you can search on author, topic etc ( some of
the early titles were a bit hard to classify!). I can send it on disc or as e-mail. If a disc
please send me a virus free, 3.5″ high density, double sided disc and first class SAE – if e-mail write to me at

This issue also has “part one” of Roy Dommett’ s autobiography; he has undertaken to start writing part two now! So we can look forward to that. Also in a future issue we should have ( with colour pictures again I hope) an article on Preston Royal from Chas Marshall. I should note here two minor errata – one was that photo number 4 of the Flag and Bone Gang should have been credited to Ruth Dodsworth and also the
original idea for a “colour supplement” came from Chas Marshall.

And now on to the articles – enjoy reading them and please, if you attend an event you think is of interest – write about it; if you have a subject you feel strongly about – write about it. Don’t wait to be asked/ begged/ cajoled by me. Some good friends did a lot of last-minute scribbling for me this time!


#Editor: Beth Neill
#Citation: Morris Matters, 20(2),



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