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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 39 Issue 1

Published: January 2020

Table of contents

  • Goostrey Morris Dancers – A Journey to the Carnival 1
    by Duncan Broomhead
  • How Border Morris Developed – a Leicester Perspective 10
    by John Swift
  • Hey in Hay – Why and how? 15
    by Adrian Williams
  • Seven Sisters Molly Dancers 18
    by Tracey Rose
  • ‘Kemp’s Jig’, Friday 4 October 2019, at BT Studio, Oxford Playhouse 19
    by George Frampton
  • Children in the Morris 21
    by Jameson Wooders
  • Decorate your own Morris Hat


Welcome to 2020 – perfect vision for morris dancing? We’re continuing on a roll with great historical profiles, featuring – among other items – the extensive work done by Duncan Broomhead on that long neglected topic of carnival morris. From our serious researchers to the fun element of Morris Matters – I hope some of you are enjoying Andy’s inside back cover activities (although it might involve you cutting up your copy…).



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