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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 21 Issue 2

Published: July 2002

Table of contents

  • Bath City Morris and a fine pair of EARs 
  • Sidmouth International Festival 2002
  • The John Gasson Memorial Jig competition
  • “Room, Room, Ladies and Gentlemen … an introduction to the English mummers play”
  • Grandson of Morris On
  • Long Lankin’s Beginners’ Guide to Folk Dance
  • Towersey Village Festival
  • Wantage Weekend 2002
  • A New Reference to Morris Dancing at Spelshury?
  • Direct Roots 1


This year has been a funny one for weather – does your team have a strategy for winding up a dance if there’s a downpour once you’ve started? After Kirtlington we felt we should have one.

Fortunately when we danced on the Golden Jubilee day the weather held out for a long, long procession. We would otherwise have got very, very wet. [We did all take bin liners with us in case it rained early on, as we had rather a long wait before the procession started and nowhere to leave umbrellas or waterproofs] .


#Editor: Beth Neill
#Citation: Morris Matters, 21(2),




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