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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 25 Issue 1

Published: January 2006

Table of contents

  • The Morris Dance, from “Something For Everybody” (1861), by John Timbs 
  • Fowlers Molly, by Sarah Crofts 
  • Farewell to Mick Brooks 
  • The Reconstruction of the Holton-le-Clay Straw Man, by George Frampton 
  • Robert Dover, Dr William Brookes and all the Olympic Games by Roy Dommett 
  • Morris in 2012, by Long Lankin 
  • Pub Morris 
  • Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival – an update, by George Frampton 
  • On English Ground 
  • Licensing Act update


Happy New Year! I read a book review about “Monkeyluv “1 in which the hypothesis is made that at certain stages our minds become closed to new experiences , whether they be food, music , fashion (or dance?). The age cut-offs were that we reach the threshold at 35for music, 39 for food and 23 for body decoration (such as tongue studs). He didn’t examine dance but I wonder what age that would be – at what age are people no longer prepared to try morris dancing?!

The underlying theme for this issue is the Olympics. You can always rely on Roy Dommett to have researched a topic thoroughly and sure enough , there I was in mid-December wondering what I was going to fill this issue with and I looked through some of his notes handed to me over the years. And lo & behold, with the Olympics as a hot topic, he is a veritable mine of information about matters linked to the Olympics . Fascinating stuff. Part 2 will be in the next issue.

And – Vote for Morris – for those who haven ‘t yet voted – visit /nom to vote for morris dancing as a British icon – it was doing well as of mid January.




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