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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 37 Issue 2

Published: 2018

Table of contents

  • On the standardisation of Folk Customs, traditions and native Peculiarities within the countries of the European Community Directive of 1 April 1993 
  • Lucky Lukey’s Sword Dancers, by George Frampton
  • The Morris Sighed, by Andy Hillditch
  • DERT 2018 – Sheffield, by Charlotte Dover and Sally Wearing
  • Shows past and present
    • Indommettable
    • Travelling with Thomas
  • Morris Ring Constitution Changes 
  • Whittlesey Straw Bear – Molly Dancing, by George Frampton and Tony Forster
  • Do it Yourself, by Roy Dommett
  • From the archive: ‘The Morris Dancer’ Ring publication recalls the 1930’s 
  • Collecting Problems – Geoffrey Metcalf
  • Bampton Style – Walter Absom
  • A new use for morris bells… Mike Heaney


This must be the first year in a while that many British festivals will not be bemoaning the muddy campsites; as I write we are still (in the south east) waiting for a drop of rain! Events mentioned in the last issue have been and gone – farewell to Redbornstoke and welcome to their ‘phoenix’ team Golden Hare; hopefully the legacy of dances and tunes is safe. The Morris Ring annual meeting accepted changes in the constitution to allow non-male dancers in member clubs: having been watching the gradual changes in their policies since the 1970s I was very pleased to hear this. I have been digging around in old materials – interesting to read more old Morris Ring publications and many thanks to the Ring for allowing me to reprint them: also to find a few scribblings from Roy Dommett that hadn’t yet made it into these pages.


#Editor: Beth Neill
#Citation: Morris Matters, 37(2),




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