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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 27 Issue 2

Published: July 2008

Table of contents

  • Editorial
  • New tunes for the Morris  Barry Goodman
  • More on Music for the Morris David Wintle, George Frampton and Roy Dommett
  • Pub Morris 
  • Roy Dommett on influences and memorable moments 
  • Women in Trousers – a Perspective Shirley Dixon
  • ASBO Morris – or, Doing Bumbledom’s Job George Frampton
  • Singing sides Long Lankin
  • Events 
  • Book Review: The Hastings Traditional Jack in the Green George Frampton


Having enjoyed Simon Wooders’ article about cheese rolling in the last issue – I suspect it’s just as well he did it last year when the weather was kinder – this year at least one entrant incurred broken limbs. It rather makes doing the risk assessments for morris dancing in a town centre look like overkill: in all the years I have submitted applications for licences and permissions I have not been asked for this, but in 2008 along came 3 separate requests for risk assessments. Fortunately a good morris dancing friend who knows how the minds of the Health & Safety Executive work filled in the form for us this year.

Glad to hear that Norris Winstone of Kemp’s Men celebrated his 95th birthday with a tour of Norwich, attended by teams such as Chapel en le Frith, Golden Star, Leicester, London Pride, Thaxted, Letchworth and King’s Men. He was presented with a custom-made pottery tankard [depicting Will Kemp☺ and ………Norris Winstone] by Paul Reece, Morris Ring Squire. Norris has kept up with Morris Matters probably since its inception and often contributes his views on the morris scene. 

I am delighted to be able to continue the Roy Dommett biography with some correspondence over a couple of points made in the last issue (partly due to the attempt to transcribe only a small part of what he said). Roy has also kindly let me reproduce some of his early photos showing him at various morris moments; he is so frequently on the taking end of a camera that there don’t seem to be many images of him actually dancing or playing; does anyone else have good photos? He is a mere youngster compared with Norris, having just celebrated his 75th birthday.

I’ve been trying for years to get some more contributions on morris music; what works and what doesn’t, so thanks to Barry Goodman (musician, singer, dancer and MC) for his take on writing tunes for the morris, which I’m hoping he will continue. Thanks to Phil Watson of Open Morris for allowing me to include Shirley Dixon’s article (originally published in Dancing On, November 2007) about the emergence of morris women in trousers! Has anyone got any other insight to share about early women’s kit?

Its raining again as I write – how many events have you been to that have been rained off this year?!

Happy Dancing



#Editor: Beth Neill
#Citation: Morris Matters, 27(2),




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