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About this issue of "Morris Matters"

Summary: Vol. 29 Issue 1

Published: January 2010

Table of contents

  • Morris: A Life with Bells On – Explaining the Parody, a Personal View by George Frampton
  • Morris: A Life with Bells On – An Insider View by Laurel Swift
  • New tunes for the Morris – The Prequel by Barry Goodman
  • The True Origins of Morris by Long Lankin
  • Pub Morris by Andy
  • Entertaining Adderbury with Sing and Stick by Roy Dommett
  • The Instep Research Team by Chris Metherell
  • Dancing in the Streets: a History of Collective Joy reviewed by Shirley Dixon
  • The New Zealand Morris Tour by Lynne Pointer
  • Natural and Wild (The Albion Band) / Rockin Barn Dance (the Albion Dance Band) reviewed by Malcolm Major
  • Cecil Sharp’s Diaries On-line 


Welcome to the next decade; last year was a good one for morris with the release of the film: ‘Morris: A Life with Bells on’ (we have a ‘punters’ review and an insiders view), which generated a lot of interest – most of it positive. There were favourable reviews about morris in The Times (A. A. Gill went to Thaxted and was bemused by Bacup) and The Independent (Jonathan Brown visited Acorn Morris). Norris Winstone commented: “I don’t understand why the media continue to take the mickey out of morris; what could be sillier than grown men walking miles just to knock a little ball into a hole – and sometimes they wear funny clothes…..”


#Editor: Beth Neill
#Citation: Morris Matters, 29(1),




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