Border index

RDAR Williams / EFDSSA Morris at MalvernyMF Border folder

A Morris at Malvern

Rogue MorrisBlack Widow1?

Black Widow

RDBrimfield Morris Dance2yMF Border folder
RDBrimfield1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”
RDMrs B HillBromsberrow Heath/Mitcheldean inc. music1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”, duplicated below
Stuart AtkinsonBorder Morris Dance with Sticks, A (“Chingford Stick Dance”)3yMF Border folder“Chingford Stick Dance” manuscript notation
Border Morris Workshop (see below)7
RDBoughton MM? performanceBoughton Competition Dance1yMF Border folder

Boughton competition dance

RDPride of Holland Street Morris, NZDyk Jewell’s Delight1yMF Border folder
RDJ HargreavesEvesham Stick and Handkerchief Dances inc. music1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”
RDEC CawteEvesham Stick and Handkerchief Dances2yMF Border folder
AARed StagsFanny Frale (Evesham)2yMF Border folder
Rogue MorrisFive Mushrooms3y
RDVictory MorrisGrockle Dance (Old Men’s Morris)1yMF Border folder
Ely & Littleport RiotHenry Crabbe1y
RDEnglish MiscellanyJourney’s End1yMF Border folder
RDLeominster/Weobley/Dilwyn1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”
RDMary Rose & Royal George performanceMarket DayMF Border folder
BABDave Robinson workshopMitcheldean1y
RDMrs B HillMitcheldean/Bromsberrow Heath inc. Music1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”, duplicated above
RDDave Jones’ bookMuch Wenlock1yMF Border folder
RDMaud KarpelesMuch Wenlock2yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”
Much Wenlock inc. music/Stretton Westwood2
Peopleton Stick and Handkerchief Dances4yMF Border folderissue 2
RDDave Jones’ bookPershore “Not for Joes”1yMF Border folder
AARed StagsPershore Stick Dance2yMF Border folder
RDPershore Stick Dance1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”
Barbara ButlerDave Robinson workshopPershore Handkerchief Dance1yMF Border folder
BABWolverhampton Beginners InstructionalPershore Stick Dance1yMF Border folder
RDShopshire Bedlam performanceRaddled Tup1yMF Border folder
SC?Red Stags instructionalRichards Castle1yMF Border folderdanced to song “So Far From Home”
RDSteeple Claydon inc. music1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”
AARed StagsUpton-on-Severn Handkerchief Dance2yMF Border folder
AARed StagsUpton-on-Severn Stick Dance2yMF Border folder
RD lectureUpton-on-Severn Morris Dance (lecture transcript)3yMF Border folderplus (photocopy) manuscript original
RDMaud Karpeles?Upton-on-Severn Stick and Handkerchief Dances1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”
RDMaud Karpeles?Upton Snodsbury1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”
RD/MFDiggens Britch workshopWaterworks Roundabout2yMF Border folder
SC?Red Stags instructionalWoebley Marsh1yMF Border folder
RDWhite Ladies Aston1yMF Border folderfrom RD’s “Other Morris”
Dave JonesMorris Dances from the Welsh Border2yMF Border folder
VMMVancouver MMTraditional Welsh Border Morris Dances20y
Tunes suitable for border dances1
RDOther morris (see below)9y
Various Border Dances (Roy Dommett)8
E.C. Cawte The Morris Dance in Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire9MF Border folderReference only. EFDSS Journal reprint #13; 20 pages A5 (incl cover) in 10 pages A4 “2-up”
Border Morris WorkshopThe Valiant Soldier or Uncle Nedy
The Circle Dance
Shot Gun Wedding
Royal George 3-handed stick dance or Hello Auntie Maureen
Rejjies Reel
Mr Dolly
Maiden’s Prayer
Steeple Claydon
The Shropshire Bedlams – Notes on a talk by John Kirkpatrick, February 29th 1992
RDOther MorrisSteeple ClaydonyMF Border folder
Headington Quarry
Upton Snodsbury
Mitcheldean/Bromsberrow Heath
Upton-on -Severn
White Ladies Aston
Leominster / Weobley / Dilwyn
Much Wenlock
RDWorkshop or conference handout?Brimfield Morris DanceyMF Border folder
A Morris at Malvern
Much Wenlock (MK)
Much Wenlock (DJ)
Pershore “Not for Joes”
Upton Snodsbury (MK)
SCKing John’s Morris “Vale of Evesham” border dancesEvesham Hanky dance12+1yMF Border folderincl cover letter
Fanny Frale (Evesham stick dance)
Pershore Hanky
Pershore Stick
Upton upon Severn hanky dance
Upton upon Severn stick dance
Fiona FrankRogue Morris “consolidation” Jan 1983Upton on Severn stick dance5yMF Border folder
Upton on Severn Hankie dance
Brimfield Hornpipe (in four and eight)
Rogue Jig
Whiteladies Aston
Dustbin Dance
Bluff King Hal
Two man jig
Evesham (no description)
Bromsborrow Heath (no description)
The Archers (no description; manuscript annotation)
RD“All Border 1”Astwood Bank Long Ho!

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