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Cyril Papworth

Taken from an otherwise unmarked cassette tape found in the MF Notation Library. This tape includes a number of tunes (played by the Old Britannia Band) as used for Molly, or possibly just social, dancing as collected by Cyril Papworth. The last six minutes of side one (each side lasts 15 minutes) include Cyril talking about Molly dancing in East Anglia. The talk continues on side two.

We would like a transcript of the talk to allow it to be searched. Any volunteers? (Seriously).

Recording of Side One (14MB)
Tunes include: Sailor’s hornpipe; Shave the Donkey; Birds-a-Building; Brighton Camp (The Girl I left Behind Me); Smash the Windows; Unknown.
Includes the tune for the Broom Dance played by Anne Hinchcliffe on concertina (1:02 The Cross-Hand Polka; followed by the Keel Row at 3:16).  Cyril Papworth refers to some written notes on the Broom Dance.  No notes were found with the tape (but perhaps others exist in the archive – TBC).

Side two ends (from 6:10) with an interview with Cyril (talking about the Molly Dance) extracted from a radio programme on Cambridge and the Fens.  The tape runs out at 14:47 with Cyril talking (he reaches the end of a sentence, but there is none of the “wrap-up” one would expect from the interviewer, etc).

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