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Three-to-Fives part 01

Sailor’s Hornpipe
East Acton Stick Dance
Three Handed Circle Dance (Clipp)
Three Hand Reel (Norfolk)
Upton Snodsbury
Bollingville Four Reel
Dorset Four Hand Reel
Forest Reel
Keynsham Christmas Dance
Gorgio – Handkerchief
Gorgio – Street Form
Sussex Four Handed Broom Dance
Dorset Five Hand Reel
Much Wenlock
Progressive Six Reel
Hullighan Roundabout

Three-to-Fives part 02

Making Cotswold Dances for Three
Making Cotswold Dances for Four
Making Cotswold Dances for Five
Cotswold Choruses
Ducklington in a Ring
Sweet Garland Dance
Jack’s the Lad
Dummer’s Five Hand Reel
Dances 03

Three-to-Fives part 03

Victory’s Old Men’s Dance
Valiant Soldier
Bromsberrow Heath in a Circle
Nuts in May
Cross Hands
Lively Jig
Floribunda a Garland 3 Hand Reel
The Hunt
Russ Abbott Morris
Garland Four Hand Reel
Shrewsbury Four Hand Reel
The Circle Dance
Dyk Jewell’s Delight

Three-to-Fives part 04

Steeple Claydon
Over the Sticks
Great Wishford Faggot Dance
Bride’s Reels
Mattachins or Buffoons
Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game
The Two Ronnies

Three-to-Fives part 05

Guam Stick Dance
Lichfield Shepherd’s Hey
Headington Reels
Ilmington Buffoon
Bacup Nuts
Interpreted as a Handkerchief
Four Handed Stick Dance

Three-to-Fives part 06

Bunch of Fives
Four Hand Whirlingham Willy
The Seven Champions
Shot Gun Wedding
Dad’s in the Privy
Royal George 3 Hand Stick Dance
Reggies Reel
Mr Dolly
ISCA Handkerchief Dance
Steeple Claydon – Rogue Morris
Sheepskin Jig
The End
Nutting Girl

Three-to-Fives part 07

Brimfield South Downs Morris
ISCA Four Handed Stick Dancw
Hey Boys Up We Go!
Broughton Six Hand Reel
Upton Snodsbury – Paradise Is
Last Bus to Bishop’s Castle
Barley Morris Four Stick Dance
T V Border Dance – Wenlock
Martha Rhoden’s Five Hand Reel
Brimfield for Eight
Much Wenlock for Eight
City Men’s Dance
Dustmen’s Dance
Three Jolly Sheepskins (Fleur de Lys)

Three-to-Fives part 08

Loose Stick Dance
Grenoside Processional
Plymouth Reel
Limpley Stoke
Over the Sticks – Long Man
Perth Garland Dance
South Australia
William’s Fantasy
Over the Sticks – New Zealand
Pershore Handkerchief
Nancy’s Fancy

Three-to-Fives part 09

Maiden’s Prayer
Five Hand Reel
Green and Yellow Handkerchief
Big Ship
Three Hand Reel
Old Molly Oxford
Speed the Plough
Green Willow
Another Dimension
Nine Men’s Morris
Minden Rose Nine Men’s Morris
Alton Fight for Four

Three-to-Fives part 10

Ribbon Dance (Mikado)
Five Hand Reel (Fleet)
Adderbury Three Handed Stick Dances
Bampton for Nine
Dad’s Army

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