Offline items

The notation library consists of both digital and non-digital items. The master index catalogues all items in the library.

Digital items are generally available through this website.

As and when non-digital items are requested, a digital copy will be taken and added to the website.

Ordering copies

First check that there isn’t a copy already in the Document Store.  If it’s not there it means that particular paper hasn’t been scanned in yet.  In which case, email notation–at– asking for each title by name. Small orders get processed more quickly but I can and will send you everything in a particular category (in several batches, over several weeks, probably!).


RD Roy L Dommett
AA Andy Anderson
BAB Barbara Butler
MK Maud Karpeles
DR Dave Robinson
JP Julian Pilling
SS Sue Swift
GF George Frampton
SC Steve Cunio

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