Cotswold index

RDAdderbury Morris, The5yCotswold folder
Esperance Morris Book IIBacca Pipes (Over the Sticks)2ymanuscript numbering “268”
RDOver the Sticks1ymanuscript numbering “267”
RDBaccapipes1y“As in Morris Matters v8,1 (1985)pp6-7”; manuscript numbering “243”
Brackley & Badby as danced by Windsor Morris, including music18 pages A5 “2-up” on 9 pages A4. Morris Matters? dated Aug/Oct 1984
RDBadby inc. music2yCotswold folder
Jenny JoyceWindsor Morris workshopBrackley8yCotswold folder
Jenny JoyceWindsor Morris workshopBadby8yCotswold folder
RDBessels Leigh1yCotswold folder
RDBidford Town10yCotswold folder
Andy CheyneDucklington18yCotswold folder
RDDucklington plus music7yCotswold folder
taught at Sidmouth 1997Ducklington dances1yCotswold folder
RDSharp/CareyDucklington Workshop v2.114yCotswold folder
RD?Eynsham inc. music6yCotswold folder
RDEynsham in 19823yCotswold folder
Jimmy (Tubby) ReynoldsFieldtown3yCotswold folder
ME JohnsonAMN 6,4 1983Fieldtown new dances2yCotswold folder
RDllmington Dances3yCotswold folderoversize (legal)
RDIlmington 1977-19824yCotswold folder
SSInstructional for Fenstanton Morrisllmington Notes5yCotswold folder
RDMss material on the Ilmington Morrises 1805-193016yCotswold folder
RDllmington – Lively Jig1yCotswold folder
Meridian Morrisllmington Progressive Dance1yCotswold folder
Val ParkerIn Search of llmington?yCotswold folderrecord of a trip to Illmington with Betty Reynolds
RDKirtlington2yCotswold folder
RDKirtlington II1yCotswold folder
Kestevan MorrisMorris Matters 4,2 1981 pp 18-19Lichfield style: Fletcher’s Dream1yCotswold folderincl music
RDMorris Ring InstructionalNotes on Litchfield (sic)7yCotswold folder
RDMorris Matters 5,4 1982NokeyCotswold folder
RDcollected or based on local traditionsOddington2yCotswold folderfirst page duplicated below
RDfor/at Belas Knap?Oddington Notes2yCotswold foldersecond page is same as first page of above
RDSherborne Workshop8yCotswold folder
RDSherborne Workshop v2.019yCotswold folder“Copy with suggested amendments”
RDGeorge SimpsonSherborne Morris, Notes about the1ydesk“Retype this – only copy”
SSSharp MSS Dance Book IISpelsbury & Chadlington1yCotswold folder
RD?Stanton Harcourt workshop13yCotswold folder
RD/DR?Stanton Harcourt8yCotswold folderissue 3
RDWinster Morris3yCotswold folder
RDWithington2yCotswold folderincl music; Princess Royal
RDMorris matters 5,3 1982The Morris at Withington2yCotswold folderincl music
Orange in Bloom / Eighth of January1yCotswold folderTradition unknown, source unknown
Taken from recording from 1930sWilliam Kimber (Headington)1yCotswold foldertranscript of brief comments on women dancing the morris
Bob Grant, Mike Heane, Roy JudgeED&S 43,2 1981 pp14-16 “Copy of GP Morice Dancers, Mr Manning”3yCotswold folderReference only (under copyright)
Dances of Oyster Morris (women) 2001, paper and electronic
Dances of Windsor Morris (2009) electronic
RD3-5 WorkshopChoruses (various)Cotswold folder
Making Cotswold Dances for Four
Making Cotswold Dances for Five
Keynsham Christmas Dance
The Valiant Soldier or Uncle Ned
Gorgio – Handkerchief Morris Form
Dorset Five Hand Reel
Five Hand Reel
Perth Garland Dance
South Australia
Nutting Girl
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