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Roy DommettThe Collected Border Morris8originally prepared for Roots of Border Morris Conference 1992
Years of Morris Change & The Sidmouth festival21Sidmouth Lecture from 1994
What you didn’t know about the Morris14“backgrnd.wri.6”, 26/08/1997
Morris and the Law11990, probably now out of date
Clog SteppingRD / Lucy Johnson (USA)National Clogging & Hoedown Council (USA?)American Clog – steps and dances11n“Other” folderReference only; very poor condition
RD?JP; S. CashThe Lancashire Competitive Clog Dance3y“Other” folder
Broom DancesSSHumpreys family, DevonBradninch Miller’s Broom Dance1y“Other” folder
Cyril PapworthJEFDSS??Comberton Broom Dance1n“Other” folder
DR,BABElla May Leather via DRHereford Broom Dance1y“Other” folder
GF(who?)Scan Tester via Peter KenedyScan Tester’s Broom Dance (Horsted Keynes)1y“Other” folderwith music
MiscellanyRD?JWFSS, v3,1 Cadi Ha2n“Other” folderReference only; with music
RD? Cross Hands (Beaminster), Lively Jig (Illmington)y“Other” folder“Dances for four”
RD?RD?Irish Mummers’ Dance4y“Other” folder
RDGreat Wishford Faggot Dance1y“Other” folder
BABGreat Wishford Faggot Dance3y“Other” folder
Jane Herbert WardWe wander in Wessex, Ward, Lock & Co 1947, p55-57Great Wishford Faggot Dance3n“Other” folderReference only. 3 pages A5; 2 pages A4 “2-up”
RW BushawayHistory Today, May 1981Article on Great Wishford8n“Other” folderincl cover; Reference only (photocopy of reprint?) no page numbers
RD?Frank Albery & Frank Dawtry via Clive Carey, Esperance Book II, 1911O’er the Sticks1n“Other” foldersee also “Mumming”; this dance was done at the end of a “Tipteerers” performance
?The Esperance Morris Book IIOver the sticks2pp11-12
?The Esperance Morris Book IIWe won’t go home till morning1p11 Country Dance?
The Esperance Morris Book IIThe Bonny Breast Knot (Country Dance)1p11
Five Manx Dances(set I):Mona Douglas & Edith Jones; arr FosterStainer & Bell, 1936Hollandtide processional (Hop-tu-naa)11n“Other” folderReference only (copy of book): includes some music
The Ploughboy (Yn Guilley-Hesheree)“Other” folder
Kings of Mann (Reeaghyn-dy-Vannid) (Dirk dance)“Other” folder
Return of the Blow (Hyndaa yn Bwoailley)“Other” folder
Mona’s Delight (Eunysagh Vona)“Other” folder
Seven Manx Dances (set II):Mona Douglas; arr FosterStainer & Bell, 1953Hunt the Wren (HeIg yn Dreean)17n“Other” folderReference only (copy of book): includes some music
Fairy Reel (Car ny Ferrishyn)“Other” folder
Fathaby Jig“Other” folder
Peter O’Tavy“Other” folder
Wedding Reel (Car y Phoosee)“Other” folder
Juan Nan’s Reel (Car Juan Nan)“Other” folder
Cum yn Sherry Oanrey Cheh“Other” folder
Manx DancesRDWoodfidleyIsle of Man Servants’ Hiring Dance1y“Other” folder
For Molly see separate sheet
ReelsRDBride’s Reel5y“Other” folder
“Mr Rew”??, pp14-15 (EDFSS dance set book? Three-handed Reel1n“Other” folderReference only; with music
“Martina Weston”??pp24-25Four-handed Reel (Sidbury Reel)“Other” folder
RDFour handed Dances (Dummer Reel)1y“Other” folder
RDMrs ArmstrongDummer Five-hand Reel1yOther folder
RD Headington Quarry – Reels for Three, Four, Six1y“Other” folder
RDRibbon Dances3y“Other” foldersee below
RD?RD for Bourne BumpersRoy’s Dance (Hobby Horse dance)1y“Other” folder
RDBaccapipes stepping chart1y“Other” folder
Stave DancesRDStave Dances3y“Other” folder
GFTaught to Fleur de Lys by RDStave Dances for set of eight4y“Other” foldersee below
GF“performed at Crookham”, 1981Stave Dances performed by Abercorn1y“Other” foldersee below
RD?Tunes for Somerset Morris2y“Other” foldersee below
RD?Dances for Bourne Bumpers (Tom Jones Rally)1y“Other” folder
Sophie ReidFleur de Lys MorrisMagic Circles (Stave dance for 6 in the Farncombe tradition)2y“Other” foldercopyright release on record
Sophie ReidFleur de Lys MorrisPortobello (Stave dance for 6 in the Farncombe tradition)2y“Other” foldercopyright release on record
GFStave Dances for set of eightCommon FIgures4y
Over the Hills and Far Away
Soldier’s Joy
Lord of the Dance
Number Four
Wedding Reel
Adaptations for a set of six
GFStave Dances performed by AbercornThe Whitten Tree?
Number Four?
RDTunes for Somerset MorrisMary(?) Petersham’s Reel2y“Other” folderfrom 24 dancers as performed at Bath 1764(?)
Cuckoo’s NestC# from J Higgins at Shepton Mallet
Bonnets So Blueditto
Horton(?) Hornpipeditto
Bricks and MortarC# from H. Cave at Nettlebridge
Four Hand Reelditto
Step Danceditto
Flowers of Edinburgh
Ribbon DancesRDRibbon DancesEast Coker Morris Dance3y
Off to Charlestown (Trip to Weymouth)
Cumberland Reel

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