North-West index

RDMaud KarpelesAlderley1yNW folder part 1RD’s Notes on Garland Dances and Lancs & Cheshire Morris (GDLCM)
RDDave Robinson workshopAlderley Edge1yNW folder part 1GDLCM
Diane AllenDiane Allen, ex Hampshire GarlandAllbrook for six dancers2
Diane AllenDiane Allen, ex Hampshire GarlandAllbrook for eight dancers2
RDDave Robinson workshopAltrincham1yNW folder part 1
RDDave RobinsonAltrincham3yNW folder part 1
RDEric Benson via Dave RobinsonAltrincham ‘Bensonians’7yNW folder part 1
RDteam from Ashfield?Ashfield in Altrincham3NW folder part 1
BAB“Altrow girls team” via Dave Robinson workshopAshfield in Altrincham2yNW folder part 1Manuscript
BABDerick Frome & Peter Fox workshopAshton Processional2yNW folder part 1with manuscript amendments
RDHowisonAshton under Lyne1yNW folder part 1
BABMargaret Aldridge workshopAshton (Gorton)2yNW folder part 1
R HigsonHorwich Prize MMAshton (Horwich)2yNW folder part 12 versions, one for 12 dancers
Roy Smith?Roy Smith workshopBanks Village1yNW folder part 1
Steve Cunio?King John’s MMBlackrod (King John’s)6yNW folder part 1
RDHorwich Prize MM?Blackrod (Horwich)2yNW folder part 1
RD“danced at Bath 1984”Bollin1yNW folder part 1GDLCM
Trevo Turner?Trevow Owen workshopCarr Lodge Polka9yNW folder part 1incl 1 page music
RivingtonChurchtown1yNW folder
RDBernard BentleyClayton le Moors1yNW folder
RDClitheroe2yNW folder part 1
Sally WearingRDColne5yNW folder part 1as taught to Bath City c 1976; prepared for Chippenham workshop(?) 1991
BABRDColne3yNW folder part 1manuscript; “This dance is not Colne Royal”
RDColne RoyalColne Royal2yNW folder part 1GDLCM; “Colne Royal do not like other teams to perform this in public”
RDDave Robinson workshopCrewe Works1yNW folder part 1GDLCM
BABDave Robinson workshopCrewe Works1yNW folder part 1manuscript
RD“Graham” (author of book)Failsworth Boys’ Dance3yNW folder part 1GDLCM
R HigsonHorwich Prize MMFailsworth Men’s Dance (Horwich)2yNW folder part 1
RD“As taught by” John O’Gaunt MMFleetwood1yNW folder part 1
BAB“a men’s clog team” at Alberts Out of Town 1974Fleetwood2yNW folder part 1manuscript
RDEdwards; via (taught by) John O’Gaunt MMGarstang1yNW folder part 1GDLCM; “NB Garstang do not like other teams to perform this dance in public”
RDGarstang Processional1yNW folder part 1“RD’s Notebooks”
RDLeat Douglas (1934) & ED&S article (Pilling?)Gisburn Processional1yNW folder part 1GDLCM
BABDave Robinson workshopGlossop3yNW folder part 1
RDDave RobinsonGlossop1yNW folder part 1
RDGraham; Carey; Karpeles; CromptonGodley Hill3yNW folder part 1
RD?Godley Hill1yNW folder part 1annotated “Special Tune” but none found
RDMaud KarpelesGoostrey1yNW folder part 1
BABMaud KarpelesGoostrey1yNW folder part 1
GrenosideNW folder part 1
Mayflower MorrisYorkshire ChandelierGrenoside ProcessionalNW folder part 1
Handforth MorrisHandforth2yNW folder part 1
RDHowison via Dave Robinson workshopHayfield1yNW folder part 1GDLCM
RDMrs Hepple? via SherrifHepple Morris (Marston nr Northwich)1yNW folder part 1GDLCM
RDMaud Karpeles via J Pilling workshopHindley Circle Dance2yNW folder part 1GDLCM
BABPete Bearon (Rumworth Morris) workshopHolmes Chapel3yNW folder part 1
RDHamer; KarpelesHolmes Chapel1yNW folder part 1GDLCM
RDGarstang MMHorwich Polka1yNW folder part 1GDLCM
RDMawdsley/Leyland/Keswick (road & stage)3yNW folder part 1GDLCM
RDThrostle’s NestKeswick Road Dance1yNW folder part 1“RD notes”
RDMay Neal; Clive CareyKeswick Stage Dance2yNW folder part 1GDLCM
DR“dances from Knutsford”Knutsford3yNW folder part 1
RDKarpeles; Bath City; Knots of May; Yorkshire Chandelier; Fiddlers Fancy; DR workshopKnutsford & variations3yNW folder part 1GDLCM; “Not really Knutsford, probably the Leyland Junior Dance”
RDMrs Aspey via the Gaskell team and a Mobberley teamKnutsford (Cranford & Gaskell Morris)NW folder part 1GDLCM
BABRD workshopLancashire Clog Morris (various figures)2yNW folder part 2
RD?Lancashire Dance, A1yNW folder part 2
RD“as danced by” John O’ Gaunt MMLancaster Processional, The1yNW folder part 2“RD notes”
RDLeyland Morris Club, 1967Leyland4yNW folder part 2
RDFred HamerLongridge/Goosnargh/Wrea Green1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDMK JEFDSS 1950Lymm1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RD“recently collected from a girls side”, taught at JP workshop, 1969Lytham St Anne’s1yNW folder part 2
RDperformances (of Manley Morris?)Manley Morris7yNW folder part 2includes manuscript additions; last page entitled “Number Four, Nancy Dawson or Cross Morris”
RDNelson Socialist Sunday SchoolMarching (from Nelson)1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
Beasant, Cohen & the Poynton JemmersED&S v? Spring? 1981, pp4-5Marston Processional Morris Dance2yNW folder part 2
RDManchester MMMedlockEdge1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDMiddleton? & “a younger side”Midldeton/Middleton Junction1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RD“also taught by Froome”Milnrow Processional1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDE. Benson of AltringhamMobberley – near Knutsford1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDcollected by BentleyMobberley – for 161yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDDR workshopMobberley1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDMK via Manchester MMMossley2yNW folder part 2GDLCM
Mrs Hepplesee above?
RDColne Royal Morris via JP workshop 1966Nelson2yNW folder part 2GDLCM; see also “Marching (Nelson)”
RDJP workshop 1969Oldfield1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
WMFJP via RDOldfield1yNW folder part 2
RDManchester MMOldham (Royton)3yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDMK via DR workshopOver Peover3yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDYorkshire ChandelierPipers Ash Reel1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
BABPreston Carnival Dance2yNW folder part 2
RD“seen in Preston” 1968“Preston Carnival”1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RD“used by Garstang”Preston Road Dance1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDGarstang and EarlsdonPreston Royal1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDD’Arcy Ferris via JP workshop 1969Ripon1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDEarlsonRoyal Oak1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDMK bookRoyton Morris/Royton Processional5yNW folder part 2
Darryl DawsonDerby Crown, taught at workshopRuncorn3yNW folder part 2
RDMrs WilsonRuncorn & Widnes1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
Roger MarriottED&S? Winter 1978Stafford Morris1yNW folder part 2
RDabove articleStafford Morris1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
RDBernard BentleyStalybridge Morris1yNW folder part 2“RD notes”
RDJohn O’ Gaunt MMStalybridge (Girls’) Morris1yNW folder part 2“RD notes”
Roy Smith?Ed Saunders (Leyland MM)Walton’s Parade1yNW folder part 2
RDWhalley1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
Sue MycockCumbrian Dancing School; Cowper School of DanceWhitehaven/Workington Dances2yNW folder part 2
RD“a boys side, 1890s”Wigan Processional1yNW folder part 2GDLCM
Sue Mycockvarious original informantsWigton Carnival Dance2yNW folder part 2
RDYardley Gobion1yNW folder part 2GDLCM? “re-type”

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