Garland index

RD?Brittania Coco-Nut DancersBacup Garland Dances4yGarland folderincludes music
RD?“collected” at FestivalBasque Garland Dance I1Garland folder
Helen ParsonsRD workshopBasque Garland Dance I2yGarland folder
Yorkshire Chandliercollected in Basque countryBasque Garland Dance II1yGarland folder
BABSomerset Maids, taken from aboveBasque Garland Dance II2yGarland foldermanuscript
Sue MycockSally Rowlinson, Hilda LawsonBlennerhasset (Cumbria)2yGarland folder
As taught by RDBonnets So Blue1yGarland folder
Wendy Crouch?As danced by Fen Nightingale (Wendy’s side?)Connington2yGarland folder
RD?Bacup?Cumulative Garland Dance3yGarland folderwith music
As danced by John O’GauntDuke of LancasterGarland folder
RD?From the Belgium Team Sidmouth 1977Flemish Garland Dance – the Rosebud2yGarland folder
RD?From the Belgium Team Sidmouth 1977Flemish Garland Dance – the Wain3yGarland folderwith music
RD?French girls at Sidmouth 1977French Garland Dance5yGarland folderwith music (recorded by Robinson)
RD?Book – Dances of France IIFrench Garland Dance – the Gardeners2yGarland folder
Wendy Crouch?As danced by Fen Nightingale (Wendy’s side?)Green Willow2yGarland folder
RDMrs Hepple via SherrifHepple’s Morris1yGarland folder; NW folder, part 1copy of NW notation: “It has become common to do this dance with garlands”
BABLancaster Garland Dance2yGarland folder
RD?taught by an early member of John O’GauntLancaster Garland Dance II1yGarland folderalso Whitworth Processional
RDperformed at Sidmouth 1976Provencal Garland Dance2yGarland folder
RD?RD?Quadrille Garland Dances1yGarland folder
RDdanced by twelve young women in SunderlandThe Rose (Sunderland)8yGarland folder
SS?As taught by RDShawforth1yGarland folder
RDWhitworth Processional1yGarland foldersee Lancaster Garland dance II
RD?Filmed at folk camp 1981Wishford2yGarland folder2 pages A5, 1 page A4 “2-up”; Morris Matters?
RDWhite Rose of Wellington, 1990Nancy’s Fancy2
RDWhite Rose of Wellington, 1990Newcastle or White Rose1
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