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Andy AndersonBorder Morris Music9yMF Border folder
RDMiscellaneous (tunes)1yMF Border folder
Border Morris Dances – list of tunes to accompany dances1yMF Border folder
Miscellaneous (tunes)Steeple Claydon “Old Mother Oxford”
Bromsberrow Heath “3 Hand Reel”
Evesham “Stick Dance”
(Evesham) “Handkerchief Dance”
White Ladies Aston
Much Wenlock “Jig”
Sussex “Over the Sticks”
Border Morris MusicFanny Frayle
Hunting the Squirrel
Flowers of Edinburgh
Much Wenlock ‘Jig’
Bromsberrow Heath ‘Three handed reel’
Brosseley Morris tune
Much Wenlock ‘Not for Joe’
(Not for Joe)
Three Jolly Black Sheepskins
Three Jolly Sheepskins
“Twin Sisters”
Bromsberrow Heath ‘Three-hand reel’
White Ladies Aston
Winster Galop for Bromsberrow Heath
Bobby Shaftoe for Goose Green
Robin the Og (Robin Ddiogg)
Bonnets so Blue’

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