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Talk 1 of 3 of ‘Exploiting IT for your Outreach and Marketing’: Recap

Audio soundtrack for a talk on Talk 1 of 3 of ‘Exploiting IT for your Outreach and Marketing”’: Recap” (19 mins).

This talk was given at a Morris Federation workshop on “Exploiting IT for your Outreach and Marketing” which was hosted on Zoom on 26 February 2023. The video is of a rehearsal for one of the talks given at the workshop.

Note there were 3 talks used in the workshop:

Note a review of the workshop session on “Exploiting IT for your Outreach and Marketing” is available.

Note captions for the talk are available by clicking on the CC icon at the bottom of the YouTube screen (captions may contain errors!)

Status of this Document

Document published: 13 Feb 2023

About the Author

Brian Kelly joined the Newcastle Kingsmen in 1978 and for many years was a prize-winning Betty for them. He has also danced with Sallyport Sword Dancers and Northgate Rapper as well as the now-defunct Green Ginger Morris, Phoenix Sword and Black Cap sides. He is currently a dancer with Haymarket Rapper and Wyld Morris.

Brian help set up a website for the University of Leeds in January 1993 – one of the first 100 websites in the world. During most of his professional career he was a national web adviser to UK Universities.

Brian is a Communications and IT volunteer for the Morris Federation and manages the IT Resources section of the Morris Federation website.

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