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Updating Your Morris Federation Teamfinder Profile

About This Document

This document describes how to update a side’s profile on the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder service.

About Teamfinder Profiles

Teamfinder profiles were initially simple containing the name of the side and an address, together with links to a website and social media services, if provided. An example of the Adderbury Village Morris Men’s profile is shown below.

Figure1: A simple profile in Teamfinder

Developments to Teamfinder Profiles

It is now possible to provide more information in Teamfinder profiles. As the Wreckers Border Morris side’s profile shown in Figure 2 illustrates you can now (a) provide a brief summary about your side; (b) add links to videos (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo); (c) upload pictures and (d) upload other files (e.g. dance programme for year, team history, etc).

Figure 2: An updated profile for Wreckers Border Morris side

Note how the description can enable visitors to the page to gain an understanding of the side, which was not the case when only contact information was available.

Best Practices for Updating Your Profile

When updating your profile’s description and adding resources we suggest:

  • You include your side’s name in the description and also in the description of videos and photos (as this makes it easier for Google to process the information).
  • Think about that users may search for and ensure such information is included. For example if people have seen your side and were struck by your dance kit, your vigour when dancing or your precision; your youth or, perhaps, your Morris animal or fool, include a reference to these in your description.
  • Before uploading an image of other file, given it a meaningful name. For example a photograph called “xx Morris dancing Bampton at Sidmouth in 2019.jpeg” can be found if people search for this information, whereas the file “img-439jd-jyn9-yys5.jpeg” provide no useful information to aid searching!
  • If you upload textual information such as the dance-out programme give it a meaningful name, including the year so it’s obvious when it is out-of-date (for example “ZZ Morris programme for 2022.pdf“)

Benefits of Updating Your Profile

Additional source of information

Rather than just providing a directory service containing side name, contact details of dance performed, your Teamfinder profile can provide an additional source of information enabling potential new members or those who may wish to book your side to find out more without having to leave the page they are viewing.

Useful if you don’t have a website or Facebook profile

If your team does not have a website or Facebook profile, you can provide key information and photographs and videos, without needing to manage a website or Facebook page.

Being found in Google

The Teamfinder profiles are now being indexed in Google, which can help raise the visibility of your side to those who search using Google. As an example, the following searches (which use text included in team profiles) should include a link to the profile hosted in the Morris Federation website:

As these examples illustrate the discoverability of your profile in Google (and other search engines) can be helped by including:

  • Your side’s name and location.
  • The type of dances performed.
  • Information about your kit.
  • Your recruitment policy.
  • A hashtag for your side.
  • A certain je ne sais quoi which distinguishes your side from others (perhaps your side’s catchphrase, if you have one).

As an example of a profile which combines factual information together with a description which gives a feel for the side’s culture see the Rivington Morris profile shown below.

Figure 3: Example of the Rivington Morris profile (twee they are not!)

Other Developments

It is also possible to change your password rather than sending an email so that a random password is generated for you. This will make it easier to create a memorable password which can be shared with other trusted individuals in your side.

Status of this Document

Document created: 2 Aug 2021
Document updated:

17 Sep 2021 Link to City Kickers profile and CC-BY image added

24 Feb 2022 Section on Benefits added

2 Mar 2022 Added image of Wreckers Border Morris side profile

24 Mar 2022 Added image of Rivington Morris profile

Licence for this Document

This document is available with a Creative Commons Sharealike (CC-BY) licence. In brief, this means you can copy and make changes to this document provided you give acknowledgements to the author/publisher. A suggested wording for acknowledgements is:

This document is based on the "Updating Your Morris Federation Teamfinder Profile" document by Brian Kelly, Comms and IT volunteer with the Morris Federation.  

About the Author

Brian Kelly joined the Newcastle Kingsmen in 1978 and for many years was a prize-winning Betty for them. He has also danced with Sallyport Sword Dancers and Northgate Rapper as well as the now-defunct Green Ginger Morris, Phoenix Sword and Black Cap sides. He is currently a dancer with Haymarket Rapper and Wyld Morris.

Brian help set up a website for the University of Leeds in January 1993 – one of the first 100 websites in the world. During most of his professional career he was a national web adviser to UK Universities.

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