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Survey: Use of Instagram

About This Document

This document gives a survey of use of Instagram by morris and related traditional dance sides, based on information provided in profiles on the Morris Federation Teamfinder service.

Summary of Findings

A survey of use of the Instagram listed by sides in the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder service was carried out based on data collected on 13 August 20201 and updated on 1 September.

A total of 24 Instagram accounts were found, with 1 profile containing a link to tagged posts provided by others.

A summary of the findings for accounts which have posted over 250 followers is given below.

Team Instagram AccountNo. of
No. of posts
Boss Morris3,578381
Shrewsbury Morris1,037287
Hat Pin Crisis 572 68
Silver Flame 513164
Sheffield Steel Rapper 423 38
Dr Turberville’s Morris 396407
Glastonbury Border Morris Dancers 286 19
Offcumduns 263 71
Belles of London City 258 23
Table 1: Instagram accounts with over 250 followers


Based on the Instagram accounts listed above:


Viewing the Instagram accounts listed above is interesting, as it shows the quality of photographs, videos and other types of images which sides are sharing.

In light of the quality of photographs and videos which can now be taken using smart phones, the use of photographic and video sharing services such as Instagram can provide a effective way of raising your side’s profile – and also potentially provide a channel for creative members of your side who may be inspired by the ways sides are using Instagram.

Updating Your Team’s Profile on the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder

If you decide to create an Instagram channel (or if you have one which is not listed) we encourage you to add a link to the channel on your side’s profile on the Morris Federation’s Teamfinder service.

Page created: 18 Aug 2021

Last updated: 1 Sept 2021

Changes made: Updated data will details of 1 new account and new totals

Page author: Brian Kelly

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