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This page describes the ‘Surveys’ section of the IT Resources area of the Morris Federation website.

Surveys of How Online Services Are Being Used

Morris, sword and related dance sides use a variety of online services which may provide a number of roles, such as marketing and recruitment, documenting the sides’ history, providing dance tutorials and, as we have seen on 1st April and for #LoneMorrisFestival (see the hashtag aggregations of resources on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and similar events, having fun.

In order to share examples of innovative uses of online services and identify best practices a series of surveys of online services will be published. This is initially focussed on use of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram together with Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

Note that the intention is to promote examples of best practice – we do not intend to name and shame sides which may make mistakes in their use of online services!

Page author: Brian Kelly
Page updated: 19 Sep 2021

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