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Privacy Policy

In this document:

  • ‘We’/’Us’ refers to The Morris Federation.
  • ‘You’ refers to a member of The Morris Federation.
  • ‘Contact’ refers to a person who is associated with the member and will take responsibility for responding to messages regarding the membership.
  • ‘Notice’ refers to an official communication regarding your membership or the Morris Federation.
  • ‘Broadcast’ refers to a communication regarding matters we consider to be of general interest to our membership. These may have been requested by a member.
  • By becoming or remaining a member of The Morris Federation you agree to accept the following.

  1. We require to have one named contact for you, and for this contact we require to have a name, email address and postal address.
  2. We prefer also to have a telephone number for the contact.
  3. The named contact is the person to whom we will send emails and documents relating to your membership, and any printed communications.
  4. Contact details for named contacts will be held in a database, and you may ask us at any time to inform you what contact details for you are contained in the database. You may also ask us to change or remove from this database any contact details, provided that we retain the minimum required for membership.
  5. For each contact we may publish some details on our website. You may choose the contact details, (i.e. Name, Telephone, Practice Venue, Team Email) whether to allow us to publish this detail.
  6. We may send notices and/or broadcasts to the email address supplied.
  7. You are responsible for maintaining the validity of each email address, postal address and phone number supplied. In some cases we may send information by email only to those members who have given us an email address, and by post only to those who have not.
  8. If any contact email address produces a bounce message we may cease using it for notices and broadcasts or cease publishing it but it may remain in the database unless you tell us to remove it.
  9. We may continue to publish contact details or send notices and broadcasts to supplied email addresses for a period after expiry of membership. This is to allow for the time taken to process membership renewals and to ensure continuity of communication during renewal processing. The duration of this period is variable but is expected to be around two months.
  10. Requests for information or for changes to details or publication status take some time to process. We will endeavour to process these in a timely manner but at busy periods there may be a delay.


Any notice or broadcast may at our choice be sent from a ‘no-reply’ address, in which case an address to which replies may be sent are contained within the body of the message.

A broadcast may also be sent with the reply address set to one which is or which forwards to that of a member who requested it.

Last Updated: April 2023



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