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Whitby ‘Toesday’ Waltz – Clog Stepping for Intermediates Workshop

Review of the Clog Stepping for Intermediates Workshop run by Melanie Barber (clog dancer) and Mike Adamson on 7th & 14th March 2021.

Jane, Yvonne, Beth and Pam of Stony Steppers from Stony Stratford in Buckinghamshire attended and write:

“Over 80 clog dancers eagerly tuned in on Zoom for two consecutive Sunday workshop sessions with Melanie Barber and Mike Adamson on the melodeon.  The participant list was global which is one of the real benefits of online technology!

“You could almost smell the fish and chips in Whitby as Melanie took us through the Whitby Toesday Waltz which she wrote for the Whitby Folk Week Community Facebook group back in 2016.  The tune played expertly by Mike was Orange in Bloom, Sherborne.

“The dance is an interesting mixture of 10 steps with varying difficulty, making it accessible to less experienced dancers but challenging enough to engage everyone.  Each workshop was an hour and a half and the time just flew by.

“Melanie’s pace of teaching was excellent, each step explained and demonstrated thoroughly, and our questions dealt with as we went along.  Having a camera focussed on Melanie’s feet viewed from behind was very helpful so that you didn’t have to mirror the steps and her and Mike were able to tailor the session according to people’s needs – speeding up, slowing down, going over any tricky steps again.  Melanie was also able to suggest alternative steps for anyone less experienced or struggling with any of the steps which was great.

“Whilst it is sad not to be able to learn face to face with other people, one of the bonuses of learning clog dances online is noise control!!  Everyone is on mute apart from the workshop leaders and so you can clog along at and practice different bits at your own pace without disturbing anyone else (apart from those in your own house of course!!)

Three's a Crowd Kennet“Splitting the workshop over two weeks gave the opportunity for people to consolidate and it was fantastic to have access to the resources online, including recordings of the workshop, existing clips of the steps broken down on YouTube and the notation to help those of us whose memories aren’t too reliable.

“Melanie and Mike included the opportunity for an optional donation to their chosen charities of Christies Cancer Research and Sheffield S6 Foodbank.  I hope lots of people donated to these great causes on the back of enjoying the workshop.

“Thanks to all involved in the excellent organisation of these sessions.  Stony Steppers really enjoyed participating in the workshops and can’t wait to practice the dance together in person when we are able!

Review by Jane, Yvonne, Beth and Pam of Stony Steppers from Stony Stratford in Buckinghamshire

Donations from the participants raised money for Melanie & Mike’s chosen charities: Christies Cancer Research and their local Sheffield S6 Foodbank.

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