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Workshop to learn Bledington, ‘Lumps of Plum Pudding’ Jig

KOKI 20210228 Bledington Andrew KnightHere is a review of our third Cotswold Morris workshop held on 28th February 2021, for over 80 participants from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and the USA to learn the ‘Lumps of Plum Pudding’ jig in the style of Bledington.  The workshop was kindly run by dancers Andrew Knight and Lin Steel with musician Tony Warren, all from the Knights of King Ina jig team in Somerset.  You can see the video of the Bledington ‘Lumps of Plum Pudding’ jig workshop on the MF YouTube channel.

Nic Yannacopoulos writes:

I am very pleased to have attended this opportunity to get expert instruction from Drew Knight and his team of helpers.

“The session included short breaks for hydration and relaxation.  It allowed the use of multiple cameras for participants to watch both instructors and themselves from various angles. This reduced the need for frequent clarifications and allowed more time for mass practice.

“It helped me correct mistakes acquired from watching dancers who focused more on physical prowess than elegance and attention to tradition. Some of the salient features fo Bledington, such as the high arm movements on the vertical plane and the disciplined shuffle-back were meticulously explained and practised.

Lin Steel - Bledington“Attending many workshops helps attendees assimilate the personal style of the instruction team which adds value to an otherwise sterile adherence to tradition as described in a book.

“One challenge that I have yet to overcome is the slow speed of the music. It may fit taller, younger and fitter dancers but some of the participants couldn’t cope.

“Full marks to the team.

by Nic Yannacopoulos, a member of Hurst Morris People (HuMP), Kennet Morris Men, and Redding Moreys

Donations from workshop participants raised money for Yeovil Freewheelers Blood Bikes:

You can see the video of the Bledington ‘Lumps of Plum Pudding’ jig workshop on the MF YouTube channel.

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