Workshop – How to Love Tunes you Hate!

The Morris Federation launched a series of online workshops, talks and demos over Winter 2020-2021.  Here is a review of our first instrument workshop in December 2020 covering loads of ways to take the most boring, old-hat, overplayed tunes … and kick them back into life!

Ian Bradshaw writes:

Will Allen
Will Allen

“Will Allen’s talk  ‘How to love tunes you hate’ was a difficult subject to put over to an audience of around 70 people with presumably varying abilities, but I reckon that most would have come away with at least some ideas providing food for thought; I certainly did.

“He started with a suggested unliked tune ‘Uncle Bernard’s’, and promptly demonstrated numerous very subtle differences in playing the tune.

“He went on to discuss many techniques, waggling the left hand for rhythmic effect and unusual off beat emphasis on the left hand of the melodeon were two ideas I found worth experimenting with.

“Whilst mainly concentrating on melodeon, the fiddle and bouzouki were also used to demonstrate various points, so hopefully it would have been appreciated by most of those attending.

by Ian Bradshaw

Will Allen is the leader of Chiltern Hundreds Northwest Clog Morris and you may have also seen him playing for Tower Ravens RapperMotley Morris and Kent Korkers & Pork Scratchin’s.

Will is a professional melodeon and fiddle player.  He plays melodeon with Martin Clarke in the duo Brown Boots, and plays melodeon and fiddle with the Urban Folk Theory ceilidh band, in addition to many other collaborations.

Follow him on Facebook at Will Allen Music (Facebook) or subscribe to Will Allen’s YouTube Channel.

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