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Coronavirus Covid-19 and The Morris

No doubt you have all heard that folk and morris-related events in March, April, May and June have been cancelled, with more sure to follow; many teams have cancelled their practices until further notice, to keep us all safe.

Although Morris/Molly/Sword/Mumming/Clog Step/Appalachian dancing is “essential” to us personally, we know that we need to look after each other and make sensible decisions.

In this time of people being physically distant, some are returning, or coming afresh, to social media to stay in touch, and there has been a lot of good humour in the chatter on social media.

image of New Esperance Morris practice by video conference
New Esperance Morris practice by video conference

Several teams are experimenting with using video conferencing technology to meet ‘virtually’ with team members at their usual practice day/time, either for a chat and a wave, or to actually practice jigs and clog stepping.  They are an innovative bunch of people and love their hobby so much that they don’t want to be without it in their lives, even for a short time.

When the threat of this virus has passed, and we are once more allowed to perform on the streets, there will be so much excitement there will be no stopping us!  We are all looking forward to that day.

Enjoy New Esperance Morris’ experiences with video conferencing on the New Esperance Morris Facebook site

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