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18-39 Workshop Weekend (Sussex)

We know how hard youth networking can be in the Morris world, and want to help with that, so this one is for the younger members…

Are you a younger dancer or musician between the ages of 18 and 39, or will you be in March 2025? Are you keen to meet, dance alongside and get to know other Morris folks of the same age? Would you like to broaden your horizons and try out other traditions and styles of Morris via a fun, immersive workshop weekend, and make some new friends whilst doing it? If so, this is the event for you! Run by younger folk, exclusively for younger folk, we are going to be hosting our very first 18 – 39 mixed workshop weekend Fri 14th-Sun 16th March 2025, featuring workshops on a variety of styles, and would like YOU to come and be a part of it. SAVE THE DATE

Morris on May Day on Guernsey

Belles and Broomsticks 2021

Belles and Broomsticks Morris in Guernsey danced out on May Day, not having to adhere to any local restrictions, and sent us this message to teams in the UK: “It’s […]

Workshop – How to Love Tunes you Hate!

Will Allen

Here is a review of our first instrument workshop covering loads of ways to take the most boring, old-hat, overplayed tunes … and kick them back into life! Will Allen’s talk  ‘How to love tunes you hate’ was a difficult subject to put over to an audience with presumably varying abilities, but I reckon that most would have come away with at least some ideas providing food for thought; I certainly did.

Morris in the Museum in Bedford

Redbornstoke & Bedfordshire Lace Exhibition Higgins Museum 2020

It is not often Morris dancing can be said to have made history but Redbornstoke Morris (1976-2018) and Bedfordshire Lace Morris (1981-2016) are the focus of a new display at The Higgins Museum in Bedford.

Liberation Lockdown in Guernsey

Belles and Broomsticks Morris, Guernsey

Are Belles and Broomsticks Morris in Guernsey the first morris side to dance out this season without having to social distance or follow any other restrictions? They gave us this […]

Zooming up the Sun

Hammersmith May Day Zoom

May Day is a popular day for Morris dancing, as a start to the morris ‘season’ of performing, rather than practising.  Some teams get up and ‘dance up the sun’ […]

Learn the Sailor’s Hornpipe

Sailors Hornpipe thumbnail

The third solo dance to be released in the ‘Isolation Instructionals’ series of videos made during the Covid-19 outbreak is a Sailor’s Hornpipe. It is danced and taught by Martyn […]

St George’s Day Lone Morris #StGeorgesLMF

Holly Copse Molly 2020 Lone Morris

Following the International success of the #LoneMorrisFestival on Sat 21st March 2020, it was repeated as the St George’s Day bash on Saturday 25th April 2020, being the nearest Saturday […]

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